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XFL Announces Partnership with Catapult Sports, the Global Performance Technology Leader in Elite Sports

XFL Continues to Expand its Next-Generation Player Data Strategy to Promote
Health and Safety across the League

ARLINGTON, TX — January 17, 2023 — The XFL today announced a partnership with Catapult Sports (“Catapult”), the global leader in sports technology solutions for professional athletes and teams. The XFL will utilize Catapult’s groundbreaking wearable technology, equipped with football-specific algorithms, to capture player-specific data that measures athlete load to keep players on the field and performing their best while promoting health and safety throughout the League.

Across the League’s eight teams, coaches and staff will rely on Catapult solutions, including Vector, Thunder, and Scout, to make more informed decisions about players than ever before.

The new league-wide agreement gives the XFL access to cutting-edge technology to keep players healthy and performing at their best for fans. As the leading athlete monitoring system in sports, the Vector SaaS technology provides teams with powerful athlete performance data, including speed, acceleration, and max velocity, allowing staff to make objective decisions about athletes, maximize their performance, and avoid dangerous injuries. In addition, coaches will be able to review game film, opponent strategies, and practice footage using Thunder, Catapult’s video analysis solution for American football. Scout is the industry’s most complete and in-depth library of player and team recruiting content.

The full suite of Catapult’s American football products combines to create a cohesive platform unique to the XFL, which gives coaches and staff 360 technology for measuring player performance, presenting film, and scouting athletes.

“Catapult’s cutting-edge technology and football-specific insights will allow our coaches and training staff to monitor player safety more precisely and accurately than ever before,” said Russ Brandon, XFL President. “Catapult’s data capturing capabilities will drive performance gains for players, reducing their chances of injury, and help inform our League’s return to play protocols by analyzing baseline player load metrics. The XFL is committed to exploring innovative football technology that can advance the game of football for players, coaches, and fans alike."

Through this partnership with Catapult, the XFL will be able to establish baseline metrics for players, which will help determine the safest and most effective way to prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Players will also have complete access to their Catapult data, allowing them to optimize their training based on real-time and post-session insights.

“One of the top priorities of our league is player safety,” said Doug Whaley, Senior Vice President, Player Personnel of the XFL. “By using Catapult’s technology, specialized data set, and real-time analysis, the XFL will be more informed about our athletes, allowing us to unleash the full potential of our players and put the best possible football product on the field.”

“The XFL is an exciting player-first league, and its leaders understand how athlete data and video analysis are critical to keeping their best athletes healthy for fans,” said Will Lopes, CEO of Catapult. “It is exciting to work with such an innovative league.”

The XFL is establishing a comprehensive player data strategy that advances the game of football, empowers athletes with access to their performance data, and allows fans to become fully immersed in the on-field action. The XFL will continue to invest in the latest technologies to further the game of football and enhance the fan and player experience.

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About XFL
The XFL’s ownership group—led by Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital Partners—is building a fan-first, fast-paced global professional football league with innovative rules and an enhanced 360-game experience. The XFL will bring entertainment to world-class football, with the goal of advancing football and expanding player opportunities when it launches in February 2023.

About Catapult Sports
Catapult exists to unleash the potential of every athlete and team on earth. Operating at the intersection of sports science and analytics, Catapult products are designed to optimize performance, avoid injury, and quantify return to play. Catapult has over 400 staff based across 24 locations worldwide, working with more than 3,400 elite teams in 137 countries globally. To learn more about Catapult and to inquire about accessing performance analytics for a team or athlete, visit us at Follow us at @CatapultSports on social media for daily updates.

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