XFL Standings

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Standings Notes

XFL East:
-- DC (3-2) is ahead of St. Louis (3-2) and New York (3-2) by virtue of head-to-head victories on March 8 and Feb. 15 respectively.
-- St. Louis is ahead of New York by virtue of a head-to-head victory on Feb. 23.

XFL West:
-- Dallas (2-3) is ahead of LA (2-3) by virtue of a head-to-head victory on Feb. 18.


Tiebreakers will be used to determine (in case of tied W-L records) seeds for playoffs and home team for championship game. The following is a chart of tiebreakers:

1. Head-to-head
2. Net Touchdowns from all games
3. Total points in head-to-head matchups
4. Best won-lost percentage in games played within the division
5. Strength of victory (best won-lost percentage of opponents beaten)
6. Best ranking among division teams in net points
7. Coin toss

Note: If two or more teams remain tied after a third (or more) team is eliminated, the tiebreaker reverts to step one comparing the remaining teams.