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BattleHawks Training Camp: Day 6

HOUSTON -- With almost a full week under their belts, the St. Louis BattleHawks have started to hit their stride. The players are starting to grasp the playbook better and they're starting to really make some plays. 

The coaching staff is still looking for more out of the team, however. Even on a day when the wide receivers were making some great catches, BattleHawks receivers coach Az-Zahir Hakim said that they still have a ways to go before he's satisfied.

Speaking of the coaching staff, we mic'd up one of the team's most animated coaches, Co-Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach Matt Raich and got to hear his particular brand of motivation.

Safety Kenny Robinson continues to impress and he spoke to the reporter Art Garcia about his unique place in the XFL and what the future might hold for him.


Tristan Heaton, the punter for Henderson State University, reached out to Marquette King and stopped by after practice Friday for some facetime with the BattleHawk punter as well as some tips and encouragement.

During practice, wide receiver Carlton Agudosi made a catch in the end zone and went up for a decisive dunk on the field goal. We asked him to recreate it after practice and defensive tackle Jake Payne wanted to show us his stuff as well. It ... didn't go quite as well. 

Payne did sit down with our Zain Pyarali to talk about how the defense has started to come together in training camp and how everyone on the team helps each other grow.

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