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Frazier helps spark Dragons rally

Marcell Frazier celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown on Saturday.

SEATTLE ­-- Before the interception that sent the crowd into a frenzy, Marcell Frazier was trying to spark some momentum for the Seattle Dragons at CenturyLink Field.

The defensive end thought he timed the snap count just right. He fired forward when the ball was snapped. He was on his way to a sack, but the whistle blew. He didn’t hear it.

He hit Tampa Bay Vipers quarterback Quinton Flowers just hard enough to draw the ire, and a head butt, from a Vipers offensive lineman. After drawing the 15-yard penalty, Frazier started waving his hands to fire up the crowd.

“They get a penalty and I pump up the crowd again,” Frazier said.

And then, riding the momentum of the previous play, Frazier delivered the touchdown that shifted the momentum to help carry the Dragons to a 17-9 victory in their home opener. He picked off a pass and stepped into the end zone to give his team its first lead of the game.

“So, in my head, I had the move I was going to do against the guy,” Frazier said. “I remember doing the move and the running back kind of chipping me, but not putting his shoulder into it. I did a little bunny hop, put my hands up and the quarterback threw it right to me.”

After landing in the end zone, the rest of the celebration was kind of a blur as he was mobbed by his teammates on the sideline.

“I had no idea how far I ran, I just remember the crowd screaming and started running around with my teammates,” he said. “The crowd was pumped. I was pumping the crowd up after that. I was just happy the momentum went back in our favor.”

For Frazier, Saturday’s win was the culmination of a big week that started with a quick trip to Portland to pick up his master’s degree diploma (read that story from earlier this week), a moment that was mentioned by Curt Menefee during the FOX broadcast.

“It’s been a great week, a blessed week,” Frazier said. “My family is in town. I’m going to enjoy them. Everybody back home in Oregon is watching. It just feels good to win one for the Pacific Northwest. It was a battle, but we’ve got a big game to win next week.”

Frazier added three tackles in the game, but it was the interception people will remember, landing him on the SportsCenter Top 10.

“I’m just so excited for him,” head coach Jim Zorn said. “D-linemen never get to have that kind of glory on a touchdown. They might get a batted ball. They might get a sack, but to actually score … he was holding court inside the locker room and I was happy for him.”

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