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Dragons Training Camp: Day 2

Day 2 of Training Camp

HOUSTON -- Monday the Seattle Dragons' Training Camp didn't just look different.

It sounded different.

Pads popped for the first time as the coaching staff introduced contact on the second day of Training Camp in Houston.

The coaches are giving the green light to hit, stopping short of completing the tackle.

We use a term 'THUD' ... it means go full speed, but don't take anybody to the ground.

Coach Jim Zorn

Running lanes that were open all minicamp closed off quickly Monday.  Defensive players previously were limited to two-hand touch, and today they got a taste of wrapping up and stonewalling runners in their tracks.

The Houston sunshine continued to be a hallmark of training camp, a departure from the chilly gray minicamp practices the Dragons experienced in December.

Houston native Running back Trey Williams continues to stand out at camp.  

Quite comfortable back in Texas, he usually has something to say after practice, too:

Tuesday the Dragons take the field 8:45am CST at Delmar Stadium for day 3 of Dragons Training Camp.

It's also the day the XFL will unveil the rules for the 2020 season.


Follow @xfldragons for the rules reveal Tuesday, and for highlights as training camp continues in Houston.