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Daniels ‘couldn’t ask for better situation’

SEATTLE – When BJ Daniels thinks about where he is at in his football career and assesses his current situation, he knows he landed in the right place when the Dragons selected him in the XFL draft.

“I don’t think I could ask for a better situation,” the quarterback said.

Not only is he back in the city where his professional career started, but he gets the opportunity to learn from Jim Zorn.

“It’s been really cool,” Daniels said. “It’s been fun to be back in Seattle and feel the energy in the city and to have practice, learning from Coach Zorn, who is a legend.”

For Daniels, working with Zorn is the equivalent of getting a graduate degree in quarterback play from the Dragons’ head coach.

“He’s very detailed,” Daniels said. “I have my own QB training company back home in Florida called QB1 and hearing him talk all the time, it’s giving me bits and pieces, more information to give back to these kids and to help me become a better quarterback. It’s greatly appreciated.”

Daniels and Zorn had met briefly in the past, but this is the first time the quarterbacks with Seahawks connections have been able to work together.

“I had a few opportunities to meet him on the sidelines at games of if he would peek his head into the facility when I was with the Seahawks,” Daniels said. “They were brief interactions, but I definitely have a lot of respect for his game, remembering the type of player he was, being mobile, exciting. That’s the type of player I am, so I’m trying to soak up as much information as I can.”

A week into minicamp, Daniels is excited about where the Dragons’ offense is headed.

“This offense is going to be explosive,” he said. “Coach (Mike) Riley has a lot of different things involved, plays. It will just be a thing where we need to get the ball in the hands of all the great athletes we have.”

But, as important as the playbook is, Daniels said the energy and camaraderie among the players so far is going to be the difference in the team’s success.

“The energy of the guys, they’re upbeat, they’re happy,” he said. “These guys are just happy for another opportunity and that’s an amazing thing. I really think it trickles down from the head coach. The type of guy coach Zorn is, happy, smiling and interactive with everyone, that definitely trickles down to how everyone else is.

“When I was with the Seahawks, coach (Pete) Carroll, his upbeat energy, that just flowed through the entire facility. This is the same type of environment, the same type of energy.”

Another positive sign for Daniels so far is the relationships developing in the quarterback room.

“Me and Brandon (Silvers) have a great relationship,” Daniels said. “I’ve been in 1,000 quarterback rooms, many different teams. One thing I can say is that, between me and Brandon, we have an opportunity to help each other. That’s a positive thing to have. When you have two guys who are involved in trying to help each other make things better, people see that. People take note of that. The relationship is good and I hope we can continue to improve, get better and learn from Coach Zorn.”

When Daniels isn’t on the field or in meetings, he’s trying to get out and reacquaint himself with the city.

“I’ve had an opportunity to just get a nice jog in and go down to the pier, different things like that,” he said. “This city is beautiful. I’m from Florida and I love Florida, but the scenery, the different things in a big city like Seattle, that’s something I’m attracted to.”

But, at the end of the day, Daniels is here for football and, “I’m just really excited to play.”