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Guardian of the Game: Chip Schofield

Chip Schofield

RUTHERFORD, NJ – At the New York Guardians, we are always looking for individuals that live up to the #OnDuty hashtag. They are Guardians of their families and their communities. So for our first award, Chip Schofield, 49, of Naugutuck, Connecticut is exactly that person and has been named our first “Guardian of the Game.”

In 1999, Schofield became a uniform patrol officer for the Naugatuck Police Department in Connecticut and served the force for twenty years before his retirement in 2019. During his last eight years on the force, Schofield was a detective in the Special Victims Unit handling child death and abuse cases as well as all sexual assault cases.

Schofield loved protecting people, especially kids. Just three days after retirement he started a new job as a security guard in the Watertown, Connecticut school district responsible for three elementary schools.

But he loved being a family man most of all. He has been married to his wife Melissa for nearly 25 years. Together they have three daughters, Kyrstin 23, Erin 20, and Megan 18.

Unfortunately, two months into his retirement, Schofield was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, high-grade metastatic neuroendocrine carcinoma. A large problem with neuroendocrine carcinoma is it is commonly misdiagnosed.

“I was embarrassed. I felt ashamed and didn’t want anyone to know,” said Schofield.  But he also made a promise to himself.  “I’m not going to be one of those statistics. I’m not a victim to cancer,” added Schofield.

When his daughters found out about his rare cancer they wanted to do something to help. They designed t-shirts to raise money and awareness which include Chip’s motto, “In this fight, I’m not alone.” It’s a tribute to all that are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him as he fights. His high school classmates even came up a hashtag, #ChipStrong.

His daughters are giving all proceeds from the T-shirt sales to a cancer research foundation. His friend George Mudry also set up a GoFundMe page for him to help defer the cost of his insurance deductible.

However, it was his former colleague Michael Wawrzyniak who entered Schofields’s name to be Guardian of the Game. Usually Schofield is the guy there to help and be of assistance but he’s now learning to be the person who accepts the help and even asks for it. 

When asked how he would like people to think of him he said husband, then father, law enforcement officer and someone very involved in his community. For all those reasons, Schofield is our first ever “Guardian of the Game.”

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