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Guardians Training Camp: Day 7

HOUSTON – In a change-of-pace, the New York Guardians practiced with the St. Louis BattleHawks in their first ever scrimmage against another squad. In a spirited practice in the all-of-a-sudden cold Texas weather, both squads had some “kinks” to work out during the opening drills. There was also a lot of trash talk between to the two squads.

BattleHawks’ head coach Johnathan Hayes said his team started out a little slow.

“You can’t wait until you get hit in the face, you have to come out and punch someone in the face,” said Hayes.

There were also a few scuffles during the session.

“When emotions run amok and you start getting a little bit feisty, it leads to you losing your composure and that’s when fights start to happen. Nothing good comes out of that. “said Guardians’ head coach Kevin Gilbride.

“But overall, there were some moments when we did some good things on both sides of the ball,” added Gilbride.

Offensive Flow

The Guardians offense finally going against a different opponent other than the Guardians defense was beneficial. The monotony of training camp has allowed to defense to recognize some of the offensive tendencies.

“We at least got to see some of our offense unfold in a more natural way with live action. Some of the things we anticipated offensively when facing the Battlehawks defense happened.” said Gilbride.

The New Kickoff Style

Today’s scrimmage was the first time teams saw live action on the new style of kickoff. It should be a fan favorite and definitely lead to some exciting returns.


I want us to be the most physical team in the league, but within the parameters of the rules.

Guardians' Head Coach Kevin Gilbride

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