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Wildcats Training Camp: Day 4

HOUSTON -- Just another work day for the Los Angeles Wildcats.

The team, in their final two-a-day practice before a much needed regeneration day, got after it on Wednesday.

"We’re getting into the thick of things with training camp. Been some good, some bad. A lot to clean up. A lot more work to put in. We’re just trying to get better each day," said quarterback Josh Johnson.

"We’ve got a highly-spirited defense. It’s a highly-competitive atmosphere so we all want to win a day. We’re all making each other better."



The offense continues to work on the downfield passing game, as well as the coach-to-player communication via helmet microphones.

One of the newest players, WR Jordan Smallwood, is making an impact for the Wildcats ... and a quick point to the camera!


The defense of the Wildcats is always locked in.

"The vibe is smooth, especially on the defensive side of the ball. That's the side of the ball that I'm on. That's the side of the ball I'm going to talk about," said DB Roman Tatum. "The vibe is contagious. The vibe is pure. I'm just loving it.

"The secondary sets the tone and everyone else just tags along. That's how it should be. That's where the say is at. That's how it's gotta be."



Get to know linebacker Taiwan Jones in the latest 'Pick 6'.

They gotta come prepared to work every single day. Study their playbook. Be coachable. Be accountable. Be ready to get ready every damn day.

Wildcats Coach Winston Moss

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