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Peters donating half of salary to Coronavirus efforts

Houston Roughnecks LB Brian Peters helping where he can.

HOUSTON -- Houston Roughnecks linebacker Brian Peters may have only spent three days with the team before the XFL season was suspended, but he has still found a way to make a major impact. 

After hearing the news that the XFL would honor all player contracts for the rest of the season, Peters immediately saw this as an opportunity where he could reach out and help those in need.

“It started in stages of gratitude. I was very thankful first just for the opportunity to play down there, but then for the XFL and the Roughnecks to support us and honor our contracts was absolutely incredible.”

Houston Roughnecks LB Brian Peters

For the rest of the season, Peters will be donating half of each paycheck to different charities that assist a variety of different causes that are most affected by the outbreak.

“Sitting here collecting checks didn’t sit very well with me so I was looking for ways to give back and I thought this was the most effective way to do that.” Peters said.

His first donation will be to the Frontline Responders Fund, which is focused on providing much-needed equipment to those fighting this virus on the frontlines.

Those interested in donating themselves can find more information on their GoFundMe page.

“The simplest way we all can help though is to continue washing our hands, follow social distancing guidelines, and staying home to prevent the spread of this disease.” Peters said about the outbreak