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Inside Renegades minicamp: Day 10

Dallas safeties coach Kenny Perry has been one of the coaches preparing the Renegades' special teams units.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- As minicamp winds down, the focus on special teams has become clearer for the Renegades, particularly with the knowledge that the XFL will shake up what fans have traditionally come to expect from that part of the game. 

Safeties coach Kenny Perry, quality control/tight ends coach Scott Spurrier and head coach Bob Stoops have all been extremely hands-on in all of the special teams planning and repetitions in practice. It's a process many months in the making that is just now starting to come to reality on the field itself. 

"Coaching-wise it’s different. There’s a lot of stuff we still don’t know, so we’re flying by the seat of our pants trying to learn the rules and get it right," Perry said. "The kids are great because meeting-wise, they’re having to learn all these new rules and every time we’re together, we’re giving them something new. And then Coach Stoops has been great about, every time we learn something new about the rules, we go out and immediately practice it. He doesn’t want any surprises."

Each practice has been at a high school or college facility, which occasionally throws the college-centric staff for a little bit of a loop. 

"We’ve had to learn some of the new rules and terminology. Coming from high school and college, I’m still getting used to the pro hash. I think the other day I lined up on the college hash and Coach Stoops yelled, ‘Hey, we’re on the pro hash!’" Perry said with a chuckle. "So that’s been an adjustment, but Scott and I have worked hard to get stuff right. The harder you work at it, it’s going to make you better."

  • Minicamp officially ends for Dallas on Thursday, which is the same day that the Renegades equipment staff will pack up and ship the team's gear for January's training camp in Houston. Once the gear leaves Globe Life Park to head southeast, the holiday break and 16-day countdown to Houston begins. 
They come to all the meetings on time, they show up exactly when they’re supposed to, and when you tell them to do something, they do it.

Safeties head coach Kenny Perry on the Renegades work ethic during minicamp.

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