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Coming Home: Pro football returns to St. Louis

The XFL’s latest original series, “For The Love Of Football,” embodies everything that is the XFL: the passion of its fans, the personal stories behind what fuels its players, the strong football cultures in team markets, and the unique elements that make the XFL a fan-first league. 

In Episode 1, “Coming Home,” executive producer and host Bonnie Bernstein visits St. Louis to paint an intimate portrait of a city exuberant about the return of pro football.

Through the eyes of some of the city’s most passionate fans and influencers, viewers will hear firsthand about the healing power of sports in the aftermath of challenging times for the city and its residents.

With new episodes dropping throughout the season, Bernstein takes XFL fans on a behind-the-scenes journey, pulling the curtain back on its teams, its players, the league’s home cities, and the rules innovations that drive the XFL’s mission of providing more action, more access and more fun.