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Around The XFL: 2020 within reach

One more day until 2020 means we are one day closer to football. Houston is coming. Let's dive in.

Off the press 

Locked down 

Is Dallas Renegades cornerback Josh Hawkins giving out some false advertising? You be the judge.

This is the XFL Show: Episode 102

It is the final episode of 2019, and this week’s show features a look into the hopes and wishes for what’s to come in 2020.

Episode highlights: 

  • Big league news development (starts at 15:00)

  • Recent transactions and deep roster dives (28:24)

  • Which player are you rooting for the succeed the most? (46:30)

  • Which coach is going to be talked about the most? (52:18)

  • What does success for the league mean in 2020? (57:05)

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Meet the Defenders 

Get to know some of the faces in the District. 


Behind the helmet

Get to know Seattle Dragons quarterback BJ Daniels and his first impressions of the team and the Seattle area.

Tip toeing into 2020

We will be back on Thursday with a new edition of Around The XFL. We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.

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