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Around the XFL: More ball, less stall

This will not be the last time you hear today's offering for #MondayMotivation: "More ball, less stall!"

It's an unofficial XFL motto and an answer given by Los Angeles Wildcats president Heather Brooks Karatz in her recent interview on FS1's Fair Game with Kristine Leahy when talking about the 2020 launch.

In the sitdown that aired Friday, Karatz also discussed her career as a sports executive (including her time with MLS' Los Angeles FC) and the wildest XFL suggestion for innovation that she's heard (naturally, from LA head coach Winston Moss).

Watch the condensed YouTube clip and the full interview.

In the News

Meanwhile, the This is the XFL Show podcast interviewed Tampa Bay Vipers head coach Marc Trestman, who revealed some of his initial opinions of the XFL and building his new team.

One note was how excited he was by his growing quarterback room, including backup Taylor Cornelius, behind assigned QB Aaron Murray and whether Tampa Bay will have a preseason competition for the starting job:

We expect [Cornelius] to compete. We expect any player getting reps to be competing. Obviously we brought Aaron in as our designated quarterback and encouraged the league to bring him to us, which they did, but Aaron’s not going to get all the reps. Taylor certainly will [get some]. What he did at one year at Oklahoma State is a credit to him -- not only on the field, but they elected him captain before the start of the season. That goes a lot not only to his talent but to his leadership ability.

Marc Trestman

More headlines

  • Athlon Sports profiled the XFL’s eight head coaches, including a future college football Hall of Famer and a Super Bowl-winning coordinator.
  • Fred Payne got a text from a famous football friend even before he heard he was drafted to the XFL. The Gainsville Times tells more about how the defensive back caught the eye of eventual Houston Roughnecks head coach June Jones on the field -- in Germany.
  • With more footage showing St. Louis turning into BattleHawks country (KMOV St. Louis and News 4 This Morning), get to know QB Jordan Ta'amu. He chatted with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about his time at Ole Miss, overcoming knee injuries, and his arrival in a town that's hosting pro football once again. 


Yes, the DC Defenders are still living it up after the Washington Nationals' World Series victory. They even crashed the parade.

They didn't pull a Ferris Bueller and jump on the float? #Disappointed.

WATCH: Football Family Feud?

"He said that I tripped him. I didn't trip him."

Dallas Renegades FB Dimitri Flowers scored a touchdown against his cousin Tre during one installment of the always-heated Oklahoma-Oklahoma State rivalry game.

But did he get an unfair advantage on his way to the end zone? You be the judge.

Dimitri Flowers is part of a football family. A rivalry with a close cousin inspires him until this day.

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“I did get called old a lot.”

Including grayshirting and redshirting, Seattle Dragons QB Brandon Silvers spent 5 1/2 years in Troy's football program.

Still, after setting a major NCAA freshman record, leading an upset of a perennial national contender, and enduring a setback in his pro ambitions, the 25-year-old looks forward to the latest stage of his football odyssey.