About The XFL

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The XFL is a brand new, fan-first league that’s reimagining the game of football and offering fans an opportunity to experience more action, access and fun.

Starting February 8, 2020, our eight teams will play a 10-week regular season and a two-week postseason consisting of two semifinal playoff games and a championship game on April 26.

Our season lasts just 79 days and will be a non-stop sprint from the first kick to the last down. Along the way, fans will experience a league built on three core principles:

  • FAN-FIRST. We love our fans and want what they want. The XFL is a league that listens.

  • ULTRA-ACCESSIBLE. We get fans close to the game in fun and imaginative ways.

  • TRUE TO THE GAME. We are faithful to the foundations of football. Never different just to be different. No gimmicks. Ever.

Why are we launching the XFL?
For the Love of Football. It’s as simple as that.

For the Love of Football is why our coaches coach, players play, and why we invite new fans and the tried-and-true to be part of it all.

If you’ve been a football fan all your life, you’ll love the XFL. If you’ve never been to a professional football game, you’ll love the XFL (our ticket prices are affordable and family-friendly!).

What brings us all together is the love of America’s most popular sport and the desire to share more of it together.

How are we changing the game of football?
We’re evolving things just a bit. Less stall, more ball is how we describe it: a fast-paced game with fewer play stoppages. We’ve made timing changes, common sense rules changes, and created five gameplay innovations that will raise the excitement level and minimize the downtime.

We’re staying true to the foundations of football. With input from our coaches, players and fans, we’re creating a game that is totally familiar – 11 on 11, 100-yard football – with a few twists.

Where are the XFL teams and what are their names?
Our league is divided into two four-team divisions: East and West.



Every XFL game – yes, every XFL game – will air live on national television thanks to our world-class partners: ABC, ESPN, and FOX Sports.

During the regular season, four games are scheduled each week at the times football fans love to watch football, typically with two back-to-back games on Saturdays and Sundays.  The XFL schedule also features two primetime Thursday night games in the final weeks of the regular season.


At the XFL, we love our fans and we want what they want. We’re a league that listens, and what we’re hearing is football fans want a professional sports experience that’s affordable and accessible.

The XFL is affordable, professional football. Single game tickets start at $20. A family of four can attend and spend gameday together for less than $100. Sample us at our home openers or become a founding season ticket member to receive special benefits, like game day field access.

We get our fans close to the game in fun and imaginative ways. Our fans were given a front-row seat to the XFL draft, and our league continues to invite fans to be a part of the growing conversation. Plus, the XFL will offer gameday experiences that will get fans inside with their new teams.

Community Engagement
Our eight teams are becoming active participants in their local communities, meeting with neighbors to develop local partnerships that make a difference. Whether it’s player meet-and-greets, Q&As with the Coach, or connecting with student athletes, the XFL is committed to sharing the love of football.

We’re giving our fans a voice that’s heard. With the XFL’s Football Advisory Network (F.A.N.), football fans have the opportunity to share their feedback about our new league, helping us design the XFL fan experience and shape our game together.