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XFL president: We'll be 'ultra-accessible'

XFL president Jeffrey Pollack talked with the 'This is the XFL Show' podcast about the draft and building the league.

In its latest episode, the This is the XFL Show podcast featured XFL president Jeffrey Pollack in an interview that was recorded during the XFL Draft.

Here, he expands on the process of building the XFL ahead of its 2020 season and the goal to create a new definition of fan-friendliness by embracing "ultra-accessability."

Find the full interview at the top of the page, and read some highlights:

On what the XFL will offer

Pollack: “This is all about...the love of football. That’s why the XFL exists. That’s why Vince McMahon has created the XFL and is funding it and has given us the blessings of time and resources to prepare for the launch. So what we’re focused on is bringing that sentiment to life in every possible way. One of our core tenets is making sure that we are a fan-first organization, and one way to be fan-first is to make sure that we’re listening to the fan.

We’re creating opportunities for the fans to let us know what they think. And that’s something that we’re going to institutionalize in our operations. There’s going to be a ‘national body,’ if you will, for fans to share their perspective and point of view, and that’s just one way that we are going to be listening. [Ed. Note: The Football Advisory Network launched to the public Monday.]

On another end of the spectrum, our team presidents who’ve been out in the marketplace ... some are going to local bars and restaurants and holding informal office hours and inviting come and talk and share. So it’s going to be both through technology and a high personal touch that we’re going to engage with our fans, and we already are." 

On the season-ticket experience

Pollack: "Let me talk about the most fundamental form of access: If the first tenet of how the XFL is operating is about being fan-first, the second tenet is being ultra-accessible. Ultra-accessibility for us has to include the most fundamental form of access: the ability to afford a ticket to a world-class, professional sporting event. The season-ticket member pricing we revealed a couple of weeks ago I think makes good on our desire to respond to the fan feedback that we’ve heard, which is ‘We want an experience that is affordable for families, for fans, their friends and for people that have never been able to afford a ticket to a professional football game.’"

On VIP Field Access passes

Pollack: "I worked for an NFL team for a number of years, and I can tell you that on gameday, the one thing the people wanted more than anything else was to just get on the field, even for a minute, even for a minute and a photograph, and what we’re attempting to do is to make that type of experience open and accessible to more people than ever before. ... I think that being on an XFL field is going to be a thrill, so that’s just one way we’re trying to make good on the promise of ultra-accessibility."

For more of Pollack’s comments, the XFL’s recent Management Meeting from Stamford and more, listen to the complete episode. Don't forget to check out the full archives of This is the XFL Show.