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XFL in the News: "I want the XFL back most of all"

Catch up on the latest news surrounding the XFL.

Sorry to other sports, but I want the XFL back most of all (Vice

Vice's Hannah Smothers takes a look back at the XFL's successful first season, talking mostly about her experience when she went to a game.

She writes "I was raised to believe that sports are meant to be fun and cool, which the XFL seems to have kept in mind. At my game, I watched players throw t-shirts into the crowd and dance openly and with abandon on the field. Fans playfully beefed about loyalty to Walmart vs. Target, and the XFL commissioner allegedly contributed his own beer cup to a 50+ foot snake of cups being constructed in the endzone opposite me. Each time I look back on this game, further removed from it and any sport, the memory sweetens; it was perfect, because the XFL is perfect. If the pandemic brings us to a The Giver situation where we have to pick only one kind of football to keep, it should absolutely be the XFL."

XFL 2020: Why start-up league should feel confident about returning in 2021 despite coronavirus shutdown (CBS Sports)

CBS Sports' Ben Kercheval took a deep dive into the XFL and why fans should be hopeful for 2021 following the league halting play after Week 5 due to COVID-19.

Kercheval writes "Attendance was up, as well. AAF games averaged about 15,000 fans per home game. Through the first four weeks, XFL home teams were averaging about 18,600. That's not a massive difference, and keep in mind the AAF lasted three more weeks before folding. Still, even though the XFL was not banking on attendance to stay afloat financially, it was outpacing its spring football counterpart. 

Above all, the XFL was drama-free. It was enjoyable and, by and large, well-run. The in-game access separated it from a lot of other sports. The entertainment value was always there, even if there were stretches when the football itself hadn't quite caught up. The biggest controversy was an officiating gaffe at the end of the Week 5 game between Houston and Seattle, and even that was solved efficiently and transparently

Conversely, the AAF was dealing with some issue -- mostly about money and control -- practically every week. Hardly anything was ever business as usual.

And therein lies the biggest reason why the XFL has more than a puncher's chance to come back in 2021: the AAF folded because control owner Tom Dundon didn't share the same vision as CEO Charlie Ebersol; the XFL season ended because of an act of God. Nobody -- not the NBA, not the PGA, not even late-night talk shows -- have been immune to that."

Why there should be hope for the XFL next season and fans should be excited (ESPN's Outside the Lines)

Mike Golic Jr. took to the airways on ESPN's Outside the Lines this past week to remind fans that there will be a 2021 season and the hope that 2020 has instilled.