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'This is the XFL Show': What if?

Episode 128: What if?

With this week having been scheduled to be the final week of the regular season, on this episode Alan and Bryant ask “what if” regarding a handful of XFL teams and players.

Also, another fanbase checks in with the show as Alan and Bryant talk to a Guardians fan who also happens to be one of the biggest XFL fans in the world! Send us your “what ifs” and quesitons/comments @XFLShow on social media!

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7:15 – Around XFL Social + Checking-In with the Guardians Fanbase

23:03 – Cover 2: The STL Kick Return Wins the XFL Moment of the Year Bracket + Stories About Fans Falling in Love with the XFL

35:47 – Hot Read: What If?…Taking a look at the trajectory and some players/teams and debating what may have played out in #XFL2020