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Photos, football for the Dragons on Day 2

SEATTLE – Kasen Williams and Brandon Silvers crammed into a black Honda Civic wearing their full, freshly unveiled Dragons uniforms.

The receiver and the quarterback were on their way to a quick photoshoot before an on-air appearance on Q13 Fox News. The teammates had just finished a team meeting and were talking their way through the terminology they will use on offense this season.

For the Dragons, Wednesday was a moment to begin talking football.

“Day 2 was very similar to Day 1,” Williams said. “Meetings, physicals, getting acquainted with the, tapping into a little bit of the playbook, but nothing too much. We just kind of continued the tradition of just being around the guys.”

Silvers added, “It’s been a lot more football-oriented stuff. The first day we really just got acquainted with everything, doing a lot of off-the-field stuff, getting into some plays today. It’s been a lot better day for football.”

Now that they’ve gotten their first peek at the offense, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“I’m definitely a fan of the playbook,” Williams said. “For me, it’s just very familiar. I’m used to this offense, so it’s easier for me to play fast and hit the ground running.”

After a lengthy layoff for both players, the teammates are looking forward to finally being back on the turf for the Dragons’ first on-field work Thursday.

“I haven’t been able to play football for seven, eight months now, so just getting back into it, we’ve been grinding a lot this offseason, so it’s nice getting back into playbooks, learning new teammates and building a bond with each and every one of them,” Silvers said.

But, while the Dragons started to shift their attention to football, Williams and Silvers still had a few more media obligations, starting with a photoshoot at the Fremont Troll and Gas Works Park.

Even on an overcast day, Silvers was impressed by the view.

“I hadn’t been north of downtown yet, so it’s been really good, great scenery, great view,” Silvers said. “It was a good day and I’m excited about being a Dragon.”

Williams has been receiving local media interest since his high-school days but, when asked if he’s ever been as visible locally, he started to laugh.

“Definitely not, but I love it, though,” Williams said. “We’re always working. It’s either going through plays or snapping photos and being in front of the camera. I definitely appreciate it, because this is the hardest I’ve worked in a while.”