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LSU, Clemson alums talk smack before championship

Guardians CB Terrence Alexander decided to Geaux for it with the cleat game before the National Championship.

HOUSTON -- XFL players have one big game to worry about even before the season kicks off Feb. 8: Monday's college football national championship battle between LSU and Clemson.

The "Tiger Bowl" has plenty of alums talking trash during 2020 Training Camp.

As of Monday's posted rosters, the XFL boasts 10 players from LSU, compared to three from Clemson.

New York Guardians cornerback Terrence Alexander let his feet do the talking for his SEC alma mater.

Alexander was joined by center Garrett Brumfield in this video:

Los Angeles Wildcats social media host Haley Graves interviewed Wildcats defensive tackle Anthony Johnson and DC Defenders defensive end Sam Montgomery about their time in Louisiana during LA's latest episode of "100 Yards With."

(Prediction at 3:17)

Seattle Dragons kicker Cole Tracy boots one for his SEC squad.

More Dragons chimed in: offensive tackle Isaiah Battle (Clemson) and tight end Colin Jeter (LSU).

Tampa Bay Vipers quarterback Aaron Murray, who leads the SEC in all-time passing yards and touchdowns, gave his prediction:

The Houston Roughnecks posted their showdown between tackle Toby Weathersby (LSU) and defensive end Corey Crawford.

The St. Louis BattleHawks don't have anyone who went to either school, but they had plenty of names willing to weigh in.

We'll update as more posts roll in.