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Best moments from Guardians Reddit AMA

New York Guardians director of player personnel Trip MacCracken recently stopped by Reddit to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Here are some highlights:

Were you personally present at the Summer Showcase? Any favorite moments or specific players you enjoyed getting to know?

MacCracken: Yes, I was present at all eight Summer Showcases. There is something really special about getting to know players at this level of football. These players may have had the game taken away from them, and to have the chance to play again is special. Now at this stage we are getting back to the elements and sharing what's most important: the love of the game of football. To help them get back on the field and achieve their dream is really special. The Showcase was an opportunity to reconnect with some guys who were in Arizona and get to know new players who might be a fit for us in New York.

How exactly did the first QBs get decided and why did you select Matt McGloin?

MacCracken: Without getting into too much detail on the process, we evaluated upwards of 50 QBs. Matt was the favorite of both the coaching and personnel staffs. We like his leadership. We like that he was a walk on at Penn State and was undrafted in the NFL and in both cases rose to a starting role and showed grit and toughness along the way.

I'm not from New York, but I decided to become a Guardians fan mainly cuz of [Mekale] McKay, cuz I love his game. What did you see that made you guys decide to draft him early?

MacCracken: Having worked with the Arizona Hotshots in the AAF, I was very familiar with the impact Mekale had for San Antonio this spring. The game Mekale played against us, he was a significant factor and when he did not dress in the second game, his absence was glaring. John Peterson (New York's Director of Football Operations) was with him in San Antonio, and he was able to give us tremendous insight into his character and work ethic. We were well aware of the impact Mekale could have for us and are excited to have him on board.

***Also, as often happens on the internet, a troll eventually interrupted the conversation:

[OfficialXFLDragons]: Not a question, more of a statement. On March 22nd, 2020, you're. going. down.

... but two Guardians supporters came to the rescue.


[Gruskinator]: Not a chance #OnDuty

See how this war of words ended and read the rest of MacCracken's answers on the full thread.