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Dragons players arrive for minicamp

SEATTLE -- One by one players followed the signs through the airport and down to baggage claim carousel No. 8 at Sea-Tac Airport. After catching flights from all across the country – Florida, New York, Texas and Hawaii, among other departure locations – they grabbed their bags and began their XFL journey.

“I’m super excited, a new chapter,” said Durrant Miles, a Boise State product who was the first to arrive at the airport Tuesday. “Being able to have this opportunity is awesome for me.”

Some players arrived by themselves and continued on, taking the Link light rail to the team hotel, while others arrived in groups, some even coming in on the same flight, like running backs Trey Williams and Kenneth Farrow, who were teammates with San Antonio in the AAF last season.

“I’m just excited, because it’s a new journey,” Williams said. “It’s a challenge. I’m up for it. I’m ready to get this show on the road.”

But, regardless of when they arrived – a few had to endure flight delays – each player's excitement for what’s next was clear with the wide smiles on their faces. Whether they knew each other or were meeting for the first time, players formed quick connections built around the opportunity to get another chance to do something they love.

“I’m blessed,” said Fred Ross, who played college football at Mississippi State. “It’s a great opportunity to come out here and do what I love to do. We all get to come out here, compete again and go on this journey.”

For some players, like Ross, the train ride to the hotel was their first experience in Seattle, while quarterback BJ Daniels spent his trip reacquainting himself with the city after beginning is professional career with the Seahawks.

“It’s pretty cool to be back here,” said Daniels, who flew in with fellow quarterback Brandon Silvers. “I spent some time here. One of my most enjoyable moments of playing professional sports had to be in Seattle. Just to be back here and have another opportunity is a blessing.”

For each player on the roster, arriving for minicamp is a new opportunity, a fresh start. And each player arrived at the airport looking forward to making the most of the chance to return to the football field.

“I’ve always said there needs to be a professional football league that fits this slot and I’m just so grateful it’s come at the right time for me,” offensive lineman Jordan Rose said.