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XFL on FOX: Blandino's favorite rules & Innovations

The XFL Head of Officiating gives his favorite rule innovations from the 2020 season.

With 2020 in the books, XFL Head of Officiating Dean Blandino takes you through some of his favorite rules and innovations, courtesy of XFL on FOX.

Blandino talks about the importance of transparency in 2020.

Blandino starts out by talking about how the access in the XFL was unprecedented for any sports league. Whether it was being able to hear what the coaches were saying to the players, what the players were thinking during or after a big play or how the referees came to a decision, you always felt like you were right in the action.

Here are some of the best moments from the XFL's access in 2020.

Best of Mic'd up

The XFL makes sure to bring you closer to the action than you have ever seen before.

Blandino talks about the new XFL kickoff rule.

Next, Blandino talks about how innovative and important the new XFL kickoff rule was. With safety in mind, the kickoff also allowed for more big-time returns, making sure there is no wasted play in the XFL -- as witnessed by 90 percent of kickoffs were returned.

Here are some of the best kickoffs from 2020:

St. Louis BattleHawks' Joe Powell kickoff return for touchdown.

Austin Walter 97-yard kickoff return touchdown.