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Oliver Luck: LIVE Facebook Q&A with Dragons president

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Commissioner Oliver Luck sat down for an interview Wednesday on A Seat at the Table, the weekly show hosted by Seattle Dragons president Ryan Gustafson.

Luck talked about what convinced him to join the XFL, gave a scouting report on Dragons head coach Jim Zorn and quarterback Brandon Silvers, and teased some of the important upcoming events on the league calendar.

Some highlights:

On Dragons QB Brandon Silvers:

Luck: He's a fiery kid, he's an emotional kid, he's absoultely fun to watch. He can move around the pocket a little bit. I think Jim and his coaching staff like the fact that he played in the Alliance this past year and played relatively well until that league folded. And I think it's probably a pretty smart move on Jim's part and Mike Riley's part because guys who played in that Alliance I think understand a little bit about the process of putting a team together. And as a quarterback, you're integrally involved in that process. ... I think he'll be one of the top quarterbacks in our league.

On Dragons head coach Jim Zorn:

Luck: I've known Jim over the years, and we're both former players. He was a much better player than I was as a quarterback in the NFL. I sat down and looked at where our markets were and what kind of coaches we wanted. He was right at the top of my list. He's beloved in Seattle. He was a hell of a player; I really admired him when I was in college. I watched a lot of tape of Jim as a young Seahawks quarterback. I think he's an absolutely solid guy with great integrity. And as we sat down to start to talk about this opportunity, I think for him it came out of the blue: He was enjoying retired life up in Seattle and had a number of projects he was working on, but hadn't been in the coaching space full-time, etc., for a number of years. But as we begun our discussions, it was clear that this league piqued his interest, as well. 

On the player pool expanding sometime in January:

Luck: A lot of the NFL practice squad players are guys who quite honestly want to play in our league, and once their seasons are over, they'll migrate to us. We're not quite sure how many of those guys we may end up getting, but we're excited about that. 

Gustafson hosts A Seat At The Table live every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT on the Dragons' Facebook page.