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Welcome to This is the XFL Show, an XFL-affiliated podcast all about the league, including news, notes and player transactions.

Host Alan Tuszynski is a radio veteran with over 14 years of experience. Now a full time podcaster and football freak, Alan’s career has included stops in Louisiana as a sports talk host and Los Angeles as a member of the Jim Rome Show staff.

Co-host Bryant Solorzano is a veteran Southern California-based podcast host/producer who is proud to have attended the original XFL Championship game. Bryant loves nothing more than honing his good, crisp podcast style while sharing his love for football with the world ... that and his wife and soon-to-be newborn.

New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday morning.

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Latest Episode

Episode 129: XFL yearbook

Take a unique look at each week of the XFL season that was with this reimagined yearbook recap episode! If you followed along all season long, you won’t want to miss this one!


5:00 – Checking in with XFL Social Media

10:00 – Cover 2: PFF Grades + What XFL player would you want to have sign your yearbook first?

5:38 – Hot Read: The 2020 XFL Show Yearbook

Episode 128: Biggest "what if" moments

With this week having been scheduled to be the final week of the regular season, on this episode Alan and Bryant ask “what if” regarding a handful of XFL teams and players.

Also, another fanbase checks in with the show as Alan and Bryant talk to a Guardians fan who also happens to be one of the biggest XFL fans in the world! Send us your “what ifs” and quesitons/comments @XFLShow on social media!


7:15 – Around XFL Social + Checking-In with the Guardians Fanbase

23:03 – Cover 2: The STL Kick Return Wins the XFL Moment of the Year Bracket + Stories About Fans Falling in Love with the XFL

35:47 – Hot Read: What If?…Taking a look at the trajectory and some players/teams and debating what may have played out in #XFL2020

Episode 127: Counting down to MVP

On this episode we are counting down the top 5 overall players of #XFL2020! Listen all the way to number one and the player officially deemed by this official XFL podcast as our official pick as the XFL’s Most Valuable Player! Get all that plus good, crisp football talk on the top XFL moments bracket and more on what the landscape will look like in 2021 with this year’s XFL players getting NFL opportunities.


5:50 – Around XFL Social Media

12:38 – Cover 2: XFL Moments Bracket Update + the affect of former XFL players going to the NFL on the league

24: 47 – Hot Read: Counting down the top 5 XFL players and selecting our league MVP

Episode 126: Coach of the Year

Celebrate the very best of the leaders of the XFL 2020 season as we count down the top 5 coaches of the season, culminating with the crowning of our Coach of the Year award! Also, check-in with a hardcore Roughnecks fan living in Louisiana, the latest from the XFL Moments Bracket polls, and more XFL players getting opportunities to play football in the fall.


5:10 – Dink & Dunk around XFL Social + Checking in with a Roughnecks Superfan

20:40 – Cover 2: XFL Moments Brackets + More XFLers getting a shot at the NFL

34:50 – Hot Read: Counting down the top coaches of #XFL2020

Episode 125: Top 5 defensive players

Awards season continues as the countdown to the Defensive Player of the Year takes place on this episode’s Hot Read!

Also, more XFL players are getting signed to the NFL, get the latest on who went where, plus some very fun XFL bracketology for us all to get into over the coming days.

All that, plus a close look at DC Defenders fandom with the Ace of DC sports talk, Chad Dukes.

Follow us @XFLShow on all social media outlets! Call the XFL Fan Line anytime at 724-565-4XFL!


7:51 – DC Defenders Fandom with Chad Dukes

19:17 – Cover 2: Latest on XFL Players signing to play in the NFL + XFL Bracketology Polls

30:56 – Hot Read: Top Defensive Players Countdown

Episode 124: Top 5 offensive players

Counting down the very best on offense from the 2020 season as we crown the first XFL Show Offensive Player of the Year! Plus the latest on XFL players taking the next step in their football careers and the feeling behind the league’s official announcement that the final game of the 2020 season has been played.


7:17 – An XFL Fan’s Story: Conversation with a die-hard BattleHawks fan

24:00 – Cover 2: XFL 2020 season is officially over + the latest on some XFL players signing with NFL teams.

39:00 – Hot Read: Counting down the top 5 offensive players all the way to the #1 XFL Show Offensive Player of the Year!

Episode 123: Top 5 moments

Counting down the top 5 moments from Weeks 1-5 in the 2020 XFL season, plus a quick check-in on the status of XFL players possibly making the jump to play football in the fall.


5:00 – Dink & Dunk: The latest from XFL social media

9:15 – Cover 2: FS1’s XFL Marathon + Status of XFL players possibly getting calls from the NFL

19:36 – Hot Read: Counting down the top 5 XFL moments so far

Episode 122: Reviewing preseason predictions

On this episode, go back to a time far far in the past, before the kickoff to the 2020 XFL season when Alan and Bryant made their preseason predictions. What did they get right? What made them look silly? Also, take a close look at how the future of XFL recruiting will be affected by the new CBA in the NFL.


7:38 – Dinkin’ & Dunkin’ Around XFL Social Media

16:19 – Cover 2: Checking in on preseason predictions + Are you crowning the Roughnecks?

36:10 – Hot Read: The future of XFL recruiting and how the NFL’s new CBA affects the league

Episode 121: Just gettin' started

The XFL regular season has unfortunately been halted. On this episode, get the latest word on how the league will proceed moving forward. Also, Alan and Bryant dive into what we did get to see of the 2020 XFL season, who stood out the most, and why the XFL is here to stay!


4:30 – Discussing the XFL’s statement on stopping regular season play

20:20 – Cover 2: Mid-Season All-XFL team + Mid-Season Superlatives for each team

1:03:00 – Hot Read – What do we do as football fans moving forward? + What we liked most about the first 5 weeks in the XFL

Episode 120: Week 5 recap

Half of the season is complete, we have a learned a lot about these teams, and we are going to learn even more as Week 5 in the XFL shifts into Week 6. With Houston still undefeated, the rest of the field remains wide open. Get quick recaps of each Week 5 game as well as a look ahead for each team as they prepare to embark on the second half of their schedules.

Also, Jonathan Coachman of the XFL Pregame chats about the DC beer snake, L.A.’s leadership at QB, and sideline etiquette. All that plus Week 5 awards and the latest power rankings are right here on another jam-packed episode of the XFL’s first official podcast!

Follow us @XFLShow on all social media outlets! Call the XFL Fan Line anytime at 724-565-4XFL!


8:22 – Dink & Dunk: Hal Mumme replaced as OC in Dallas, the latest transactions, the best of Week 5 XFL social media, and big men making an impact over the weekend!

21:02 – Cover 2: Week 5 Awards + Power Rankings

44:25 – XFL Pregame’s Jonathan Coachman recaps the weekend and looks at the road ahead into Week 6

1:01:54 – Hot Read: What Week 5 taught us and what each team has in front of them moving forward

Episode 119: Week 5

Full previews of each Week 5 game in the XFL highlights this episode which also features a good, crisp football chat with Tampa Bay Vipers WR Dan Wiliams and the results of our most recent Twitter polls! Also, your calls on the XFL Fan Line and the battle for fan base supremacy!


  • 5:00Dink & Dunk: Latest transactions heading into Week 5, Jordan Ta’amu wins Star of the Week, the XFL Fan Line, and what role will Quinton Flowers have upon his return to Tampa Bay?
  • 30:30 – Cover 2: Toughest RBs in the XFL, Regrettable Sideline moments, and why the Houston/St. Louis fan bases are loving the XFL
  • 41:09 - Interview with Dan Williams
  • 49:14 – Hot Read: Week 5 Game Previews and Picks

Episode 118: Week 4 is a Wrap

The latest on Landry Jones, Hal Mumme, and the DC Defenders locker room are on everyone’s minds as Week 4 turns into Week 5 in the XFL. A topsy turvy weekend showed how there is no margin for error even against seemingly struggling teams. Yet, the BattleHawks and Roughnecks remain the class of their divisions.

Find out who took home our weekly awards, what the current power rankings say, and whether or not Jim Zorn knew what the score was on Saturday. Jonathan Coachman joins the show to recap Week 4 and set the tone for Week 5 on another edition of the XFL’s first official podcast!


  • 4:05 – Dink & Dunk: Latest on Landry Jones’ injury status + who is the toughest RB to tackle in the XFL?
  • 14:22 – Cover 2: Week 4 Awards + Power Rankings
  • 34:46 – Interview with Jonathan Coachman from the XFL Pregame Show
  • 56:43 – Hot Read: Quick Week 4 recaps + a look ahead for each team

Episode 117: Week 4

Week 4 is here and it is highlighted by the first-ever “Texas Throwdown” when the Renegades and Roughnecks go at it in Arlington!

In this episode, we preview by talking to a participant in Sunday’s matchup from each side. Dallas Renegades WR Flynn Nagel and Houston Roughnecks RB James Butler join the show to give us insight into both camps throwing down in Texas in Week 4.

Also! Commissioner Oliver Luck joins the program to give his thoughts on the competition in the XFL thus far as well as the positive feedback the league is getting on the innovative new rules.

Get these great interviews, discussion on opening cans with your teeth, wearing ski masks on the sidelines, and everything else you need to know to get ready for Week 4 in the XFL!


  • 7:00 – Dink & Dunk: Quinton Flowers leaving Tampa Bay for personal reasons + other league transactions + calls on the XFL Fan Line
  • 27:10 – Interview: Oliver Luck
  • 48:00 – Cover 2: Dragons Defense wearing ski masks + “Is This a Thing?”
  • 1:02:49 – Interviews: DAL WR Flynn Nagel + HOU RB James Butler
  • 1:17:15 – Hot Read: Week 4 Picks

Episode 116: Week 3 review

From the return of pro football to St. Louis to the unexpected blowout win for the L.A. Wildcats over the DC Defenders, Week 3 was a memorable affair. This episode includes our Week 3 awards, a look at the current XFL power rankings, and a good, crisp football talk with Jonathan Coachman of the XFL Pregame. Get a recap of all the action and dive into all the major stories throughout the XFL as we head on into Week 4!


  • 6:12 – Dink & Dunk: Answering social media questions + latest on injuries/transactions
  • 20:36 – Cover 2: Week 3 Awards and the current XFL Show Power Rankings
  • 36:41 – Good Crisp Football Talk with Jonathan Coachman
  • 55:02 – Hot Read: Quick game recaps + a look ahead at what is in store for each team in Week 4

Episode 115: Week 3

It is time to get ready for another weekend of football with full game previews for each Week 3 matchup in the XFL!

Also hear from DC Defenders Head Coach Pep Hamilton and Dallas Renegades Defensive Lineman Frank Alexander as they give us a double dose of good, crisp interviews.

If you are in the St. Louis area for the BattleHawks home opener, Alan and Bryant from This is the XFL Show will be hosting an XFL watch party on Saturday, Feb. 22, at Westport Social! Come watch the Saturday slate of XFL games, win prizes, get hype for pro football back in the Dome, and maybe even be on the show!


  • 5:23 – Dink & Dunk: Latest transactions, This is the XFL Show taking over STL this weekend, crowing Cam Phillips the Week 2 Star of the Week
  • 25:15 – Interview with DC Defenders Head Coach Pep Hamilton
  • 32:38 – Cover 2: Which team needs a W the most in Week 3? What should the Guardians mascot be named?
  • 49:12 – Interview with Dallas Renegades DL Frank Alexander
  • 56:05 – Game Previews for Week 3 games

Episode 114: Play fast. Do it again.

With teams separating themselves from the rest of the pack early on, QBs speaking their minds on the sidelines during games, and coaches being put on full display for all the world to see, Week 2 in the XFL brought us plenty to digest as football fans. Get a complete recap of everything that went down and look ahead to Week 3 with us on another edition of the XFL’s first official podcast.

We also welcome “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman to the program for a thorough discussion about all things XFL, including how the league will put its stars in their own unique spotlight.


7:22 – Dink & Dunk: Landry Jones and Josh Johnson debut, what social media said about Week 2, and Bryant’s trip to L.A.’s home opener.

19:19 – Cover 2: Weekly awards and Week 2 power rankings

43:10 – Talkin’ XFL with “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman

01:03:00 – Hot Read: Week 2 recaps and a look ahead for each team heading into Week 3


Full game previews for every Week 2 matchup, plus reaction to the announcement that the XFL Championship Game will take place in Houston on April 26.

Also hear fans who called into the XFL Fan Line with some interesting comments and questions stemming from their Week 1 experiences. It is a jam-packed episode that is guaranteed to get you ready for the second week of action of this XFL season!


  • 5:34 -- Dink & Dunk: PJ Walker named XFL Star of the Week, the latest league transactions, and messages from the XFLFan Line

  • 33:53 -- NY Guardians WR Joe Horn

  • 40:30 -- Cover 2: XFL Championship Game to be held in Houston + the hype in Seattle and St. Louis is real!

  • 55:46 -- Seattle Dragons WR Austin Proehl

  • 1:01:00 -- Hot Read: Week 2 Game Previews and Picks

Catch Up

EP. 112: Week 1 is complete

The Week 1 debut of the XFL was nothing short of spectacular! From highlight reel plays, insane insight, and epic individual performances, listen to this first post-XFL weekend edition of the show and fully digest all that went down across the league. Also, get a break down of why the Los Angeles Wildcats may have fired defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson and the first edition of our weekly XFL awards.

The XFL has lift-off and the business is picking up with challenges for each team in Week 2. Get the most thorough coverage of the XFL out there today, right here on This is the XFL Show!


  • 5:40 – Dink & Dunk around the league as L.A. fires defensive coordinator Johnson, injuries from Week 1, the best stuff on social media from the weekend
  • 23:45 – Cover 2 on the things that stood out from XFL broadcasts as well as being in-stadium for two of the games and the debut of our weekly awards.
  • 45:25 – Hot Read featuring a recap of all 4 games and a look ahead at the Week 2 challenges for each team.

Ep. 111: Week 1 is here

The time has finally come! It is Week 1 of the 2020 XFL season and the 4 games on this weekend’s slate certainly have some intriguing matchups to break down.

Will DC’s aerial attack be too much for the Dragons? Can head coach Winston Moss’ Wildcats contain the Roughneck run n’ shoot offense? Are the Guardians and Vipers the most evenly matched teams this weekend? And what will the Renegades do at QB when they go up against that hyped up BattleHawk defense?

Get our answers to all those questions and much more for each Week 1 showdown, plus find out the latest news regarding XFL Fantasy Football partners, how the league is embracing the sports wagering community, and ton more from around the league. Week 1 is here.


6:19 – Dink and Dunk with news from around the league involving transactions, fan access, and more
17:05 – Reacting to Optimum Scouting’s data analysis on going for 1, 2, or 3 on P.A.T. attempts
29:30 – XFL Fantasy Partners and a new interesting partnership with VSiN and iHeart
38:04 – Week 1 Game Previews

Ep. 110: Preseason Predictions

It is finally Week 1 of the XFL season and that means it is time to get final predictions in before the season officially begins! Find out who is getting picked to win MVP, Coach of the Year, and of course, which team is finishing on top of the mountain as 2020 XFL Champions.

In addition to locking in final predictions, get the latest news from around league as more teams announce starters, make final additions to their rosters, and find out how "Team 9" will function as a source of potential talent for all 8 teams.

We also welcome defensive lineman from the St. Louis BattleHawks DT Jake Payne to the program for a Good, Crisp Interview!

EP. 110 Rundown

4:52 – Hitting on the XFL App, TV ads, Aaron Murray named starter in Tampa, the latest news and notes
13:34 – Cover 2: Fantasy outlook for Week 1 + Team 9 is set
30:30 – Defensive Tackle Jake Payne of the St. Louis BattleHawks talks about the Dallas Renegades offense
38:23 – MVP, Coach of the Year, and “Mr. XFL” predictions
50:13 – Predicting team records
1:15:04 – Playoff match-ups and XFL Championship predictions

🎙️ EPISODE 109: We're ready already

The preseason is coming to a close and Week 1 is almost upon us! Get the latest depth chart news with St. Louis and Seattle announcing their starting QB.

Also, we begin the preseason prediction process by picking top defenses, offenses, and XFL innovators. Get all that plus the latest news from around the league.


5:23 – whiparound of news from around the league including injuries, the drug testing process and more.
20:33 – St. Louis names their starting QB and a tiny bit of fantasy football talk
43:46 – Predicting the most potent offense, the stingiest defense, the trickiest team, and trending topics

🎙️ EPISODE 108: Rosters are Set

The 52-man rosters are now official for each team and on this episode we dive into what stands out the most about each team (on paper).

We also get an idea of what each team’s on-field style may be with just a hint of speculation about depth charts!

And for our Good Crisp Interview, Bryant caught up with Los Angeles Wildcats team president Heather Brooks Karatz at the team block party.

We are closer than ever as we grind out this last week of the preseason.


8:09Brandon Silvers named Seattle Dragons' starting QB
14:43 – Odds makers starting to come up with team win totals
21:06 – Change at defensive coordinator in DC
27:41 – Dallas Renegades HC Bob Stoops and Landry Jones spoke about the QB’s injury status
33:51 – Standout roster cuts and additions
40:15 – Good Crisp Interview with Los Angeles Wildcats President Heather Brooks Karatz
45:00 – Breaking down each team’s 52-man roster

    EP. 107: GOING DOWN TO 52

    Training Camp has ended, and now each team must bring its roster down to 52 players.

    With those big roster announcements looming, we put a bow on Training Camp and discuss the biggest takeaways from the last few weeks in Houston, as well as what else fans can expect from the final two weeks on the road to kickoff.

    Also find out why Seattle Dragons fans are staying true to form, and hear about how St. Louis BattleHawks safety Kenny Robinson’s interesting journey to the XFL has just gotten even more interesting.


    5:33 – Anticipating teams announcing their 52-man rosters on Monday
    7:50 – Reacting to this week’s transactions
    12:10 – New Jersey approves gambling on the XFL
    14:50 – Kenny Robinson declares for the NFL Draft
    22:32 – Seattle fans are HYPED for the Dragons!
    26:14 – Putting a bow on Training Camp
    38:56 – What to expect on the final two weeks before kickoff

    Ep. 106: Dress rehearsals

    Recorded at TDECU Stadium following the first XFL scrimmage, Alan and Bryant recap what they saw after the DC Defenders and Seattle Dragons squared off!

    Plus, Tampa Bay Vipers center Jordan McCray joins the show to discuss his time at Training Camp and what we can expect from Marc Trestman’s team.

    Also, get reaction to the Luis Perez trade and the latest league transactions as camp winds down.


    6:00 – BattleHawks sign QB Nick Fitzgerald + other news from around the league
    10:35 – Luis Perez traded to NY
    15:39 – Ref unis, stadium visuals, and other “first looks” on Scrimmage Day
    23:14 – Good Crisp Interview with Vipers center Jordan McCray
    32:16 – Observations from the DC vs. Seattle scrimmage

    Catch up on every episode and subscribe to 'This is the XFL Show.'

    Ep. 105: Camp XFL

    With training camp winding down, this week features insight from players as well as two of our hosts whose boots are on the ground at Camp XFL in Houston!

    Alan and Bryant give their take on what they have seen at various team training camps and get the latest on transactions, fantasy football, and much much more!

    Good Crisp Interviews, featuring

    • Tanner Gentry, Demetrious Cox and A.J. Hendy of the New York Guardians
    • Tre’ Williams, Damien Mama and Patrick Vahe of the Los Angeles Wildcats


    6:15 - The latest XFL transactions
    25:30 - Good Crisp Interviews
    46:10 - Practice Observations and Standouts
    56:00 - Potentially Playing XFL Fantasy Football
    59:00 - Stories from Alan & Bryant's Adventures in Houston
    1:06:15 - Joint Practices and Upcoming Scrimmages

    Ep. 104: Rules release reaction special

    The XFL rules are now official! Get instant reactions and explanations of the key changes the league is making to reimagine the game of football. 


    4:40 – Special Show Announcement

    8:10 – The makeup of XFL officiating crews

    14:40 – Landry Jones injury

    18:06 – Kickoff rules

    33:40 – PAT rules

    42:30 – The Double Forward Pass

    49:53 – Punt rules

    58:30 – OT rules

    Ep. 103: This is 2020

    XFL Training Camp is underway, and the first week of 2020 brings a ton to dive into -- including rumors surrounding the St. Louis BattleHawks offensive coordinator position, potential camp additions, and what the rules reveal will be like this coming Tuesday.

    Plus, the guys talk about tailgating preferences and much more.

    The road to 2020 is complete, but we are still onward toward kickoff in February with another jam-packed XFL Show!

    Ep. 102: Kickoff Year

    It is the final episode of 2019 and this week’s show features a look into the hopes and wishes for what’s to come in 2020! Which player are you rooting for the succeed the most? Which coach is going to be the most talked about? What does success for the league mean in 2020? All that plus a deep dive into the roster breakdowns of each team heading into training camp.

    Ep. 101: Minicamp comes to an end

    As minicamps finish up across the XFL this week, this episode features a glimpse at what went down at Bob Stoops’ camp in Dallas as defensive end Winston Craig of the Renegades joins the program.

    Also, Houston’s head man in charge, June Jones, says “Aloha” to the show to discuss Roughnecks minicamp, his run-n-shoot offense, and a ton more.The league also had its first trades made this week to go along with some other notable roster moves by a couple teams. All this, plus all the essential news from the XFL you need to know from the last week.

    Ep. 100: The 100th episode

    The team celebrates their 100th episodes. They look at what fans need the most out of an XFL mobile app and we get into some noteworthy news from XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck’s “state of the league” mini camp tour. Also, get a crash course in everything we’ve covered through our first 100 episodes on the road to XFL kickoff 2020.

    Ep. 99: Full gear

    On this week’s show HC/GM of the BattleHawks Jonathan Hayes explains his approach toward building a team St. Louis can be proud of as mini camps get underway. Also, QB Josh Johnson of the L.A. Wildcats discusses why he chose to join the XFL. And of course, get detailed discussion about the new team uniforms.

    Ep. 98: Tasty touchdowns

    The XFL game ball was revealed this week, just in time for Turkey Bowls. XFL Director of Football Operations Sam Schwartzstein joins the show to explain the ball's design and the method behind how it all came about. 

    Ep. 97: We got Pep

    Defenders Head Coach Pep Hamilton joins the show to discuss the outlook heading into minicamp and to discuss training camp going to Houston.

    Ep. 96: Summit in Stamford

    League officials and coaches were at XFL HQ this week to discuss and plan for the next big wave of league events. We dive into what went down during this important summit and we go over how far the league has come with its dedication to digital content over the last year. This week also features an Interview with XFL President Jeffrey Pollack who discusses the league’s focus on creating new ways to engage with fans.

    Ep. 95: Just Winston baby

    ESPN announced its broadcast teams for their XFL coverage this week and along with that they promised “unprecedented access.” This week we discuss what that means and how it could make games even more exciting in 2020. Also, Wildcats Head Coach Winston Moss joins the program to discuss his plan to bring fun, smart, and physical football to Los Angeles.

    Ep. 94: A Viper's voyage

    This week Tampa Bay Vipers Head Coach Marc Trestman joins the show to discuss what it has been like putting together his team’s roster and staff, plus why he joined the XFL. Get a glimpse into what style of football will be played down in Tampa Bay in this candid conversation with one of the league’s most experienced coaches.

    Ep. 93: Mark your calendars

    This week the XFL released the schedule for the 2020 season which means the match-ups are set and fans are making plans to attend games. Find out which games will have the most hype going into the season with some lively debate on some of the more prominent showdowns throughout the coming season.

    The episode also features an interview with L.A. Wildcats Team President Heather Brooks Karatz discussing how the team is already interacting with the Los Angeles community as they plan on having a completely unique game day experience. 

    Ep. 92: The inaugural roster breakdown

    With the XFL Draft in the rear view mirror, this week’s episode features something we’ve been waiting since January of 2018 to do…break down some rosters. The squad goes team by team with us as they try to envision what schemes and styles each coach will implement come February. 

    Ep. 91: XFL draft preview

    The XFL draft pool of players has been released. This episode features analysis of some of the more interesting names in the pool via a mini mock draft. Also, dive deep into draft strategy with discussions on how each team may approach every phase of next week’s five phase XFL Draft.

    Want previous episodes of the podcast? CLICK HERE