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Inside Defenders Training Camp: Day 4

DC Defenders LB Jameer Thurman

HOUSTON — The DC Defenders returned to Rice Stadium on Wednesday following their first regeneration day of training camp, allowing their bodies to rest while increasing the focus on play study.

But getting back to game speed after the first off day of training camp was a bit rocky in the early going. There were more players near the trainer's table than in the previous days, and there was a noticeable absence of "game speed" in drills.

"Our focus, we had lapses and we had spurts, but we started to communicate," Head coach Pep Hamilton said after practice. It's still just the third day of training camp, but there is a sense of urgency, with Week 1 vs. the Seattle Dragons just 30 days away.

"For us to get to where we want to go, we have to come out here and turn it up a notch. Every single day."

Video of the Day 

The focus might've been up and down, but once thing that's become consistent is the bond and chemistry this team is building. Here is offensive coordinator Tanner Engstrand on the makeup of the Defenders thus far.

Quote of the Day

Let's win a championship. I know we're all wanting to win a championship. Let's go win it.

Defenders OT Malcom Bunche

Defenders of the Day

  • LB Jameer Thurman: The former Indiana State Sycamore and former CFL Grey Cup champion was buzzing around the field Wednesday morning. After having a 24-hour break from practice, some players needed a jump-start. But not Thurman. He ran to every drill, sprinted in and out of formations, and used his entire gas tank in contact plays. The defense found the ball in their hands several times thanks to Thurman. 
  • QB Vad Lee: You'll hear this a lot over the next two weeks. Vad Lee throws a really nice ball. He might be the quietest player on the team, but his precision and accuracy got roars of approval from his teammates.