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Vipers training camp: Day 14

Defensive back Anthoula Kelly at Saturday's joint practice with the New York Guardians

HOUSTON -- "Defensive line-wise, it was their strongest test."

That's what Tampa Bay Vipers defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville had to say about Saturday's joint practice with the New York Guardians.

"I told them before we went in there, (the Guardians) had great double team blockers," Granville said. "It was a test to see if we could hold up to that. That's what I got out of today."

While Granville seemed pleased with the team's performance, he said he wasn't going to get "too excited" about what he saw in the 7-on-7 practice, especially since tackling and sacks were strictly verboten.

"Our whole life is dedicated to making the quarterback miserable and you can't do that in 7-on-7," Granville said. "(The quaterback) enjoys life. I don't want him to have one play where he doesn't say 'I'm glad that's over.'"

"I don't want (the opposing quarterback) to have one play where he doesn't say 'I'm glad that's over.'"

Vipers defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville on the Vipers pass rush

On the other side of the ball, head coach Marc Trestman was definitely pleased with what he saw out of the offense.

After Wednesday's scrimmage with the Seattle Dragons, Trestman said he was hoping to see more precision in the passing game. That precision was on display Saturday as the Vipers quarterbacks hit their receivers with several strikes down the field.

"Our quarterbacks threw the ball really well," Trestman said. "Aaron (Murray) had a really good practice."

"The competition brings out the competitor in everyone," Murray said. "It's always nice not to face your own defense. Sometimes you have to kind of pump yourself up every practice when you're like, 'Okay, we're going against the same defense today.' At times, you've got to force yourself to focus even though you've seen the same defense for four straight weeks. The competition gets everyone more juiced and excited to play."

That excitement will likely hit a fever pitch on Tuesday when the Vipers hold a scrimmage against the Guardians. It will be essentially be a sneak peek at the Vipers season opener, which will be played at New York on Feb 9th. (2 P.M., FOX).

Since Sunday will be a regeneration day for the team, we will be back Monday with full coverage.

In the meantime, we've seen many firsts at Vipers camp and now we can add another one to the list: Aaron Murray's first-ever time being mic'd up for practice.

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