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Vipers' favorite moments of the 2020 season

Colin Thompson and DeAndre Goolsby celebrate during the Vipers win over the Defenders

PLANT CITY, Fla. -- While the Tampa Bay Vipers (1-4) faced a lot of disappointment in their first season, the team still created its fair share of memorable moments.

They included Tarvarus McFadden running in a Pick-6 for the team's first-ever touchdown and Jacques Patrick's emotional touchdown following the passing of his father. 

We wanted to know which moments the players considered the most memorable, so we asked some of them to give us their favorites. Here's what they said:

LB Reggie Northrup: "When I got that sack against D.C., I had a straight shot at the quarterback. My adrenaline was just rushing. It was crazy. I seen the dude (Cardale Jones) looking at me pre-snap. But then he looked away and I came in on the blitz pressure. He looked back and, as soon as he looked, I dipped my shoulder and got under. He, like, completely missed me and I just ran and I get up, celebrate and stuff, go crazy."

G Andrew Tiller: "Every day in the O-line room. We got so many different characters and personalities and it was something new every day. Made you look forward to coming to work every day. Marquis (Lucas) and Daronte (Bouldin) are two of the funniest people I know."

CB Herb Waters: "I have to say when (Robert) Priester caught his first interception (Week 5 vs. LA). We got like a little handshake that we do. That was the first thing I thought about when we got to the sidelines... is do our handshake."

WR Reece Horn: "Balling with (wide receivers) Dan Williams and Jalen Tolliver. Us three getting in that sync and getting in that rhythm and just feeding off each other on the field. When you have playmakers around you, it makes your job a little bit easier too and makes you want to step up even more and show the offense and the team that you can make plays and that you're an asset to this team."

WR Jalen Tolliver: "My first professional touchdown that I caught against the Wildcats. That was pretty awesome. That was probably at the top... number one."

S Demontre Hurst: "I guess the first day we got here. Seeing all the wide-eyed guys. Back in football mode. And the first home game. Just the fans and what it feels like to be out there playing ball again with your teammates. And also the first shutout win, 25-0, that's always special. Getting the first win in Vipers history."

G/T Daronte Bouldin"Having Houston their tails that weekend and definitely blowing out D.C. Those are my two favorite moments. And being around the guys in the locker room every day."

WR Dan Williams: "When I had the cutback cross field against D.C. That was my favorite memory. It was really instinct, for real. It really was supposed to be a catch and get up field, but I had cut across the field. Just instinct. I can't really explain it."

LB Terrance Plummer: "Tee Time (Tarvarus McFadden) Pick-6 at Seattle. Reggie's sack vs. D.C. (Lucas) Wacha's great play on third down. And the locker room. We had some funny dudes on this team."

TE Nick Truesdell: "When I was injured on the sideline in our home game against DC and we smacked them. When (Tarvarus) McFadden got the interception... that was crazy. I was running down there. I was trying not to jump around... but yeah, probably that one 'cause I was like, yeah, 'We got a real deal squad here.'

DB Robert Priester"The win over D.C. Just coming out with the victory, 25-0, is something we can all embrace as a unit. That win just showed us that we can play up to anybody's level in this league."

C Jordan McCray"The entire D.C. game. As an offensive lineman, you want to be able to run the ball... and to be able to run the ball as an offense the way we did and score points, and the defense pitching a shutout... being at home, all the fans there... that was probably the best feeling."

DE Obum Gwacham: "Winning that first home game at Raymond James. I think that's something that I'll probably remember for the rest of my life. Seeing how excited everyone was in the locker room... seeing them throw in the Bud Light Seltzers in the air... seeing Dee Mount doing the Stone Cold Slam with those. I think that was probably one of my favorite memories."

RB Jacques Patrick"After that first win we got... that locker room was great... those are the types of memories you remember forever, no matter where you're at. That's a moment I always look back on when I think about this team."

TE Colin Thompson"It was very special win at home in front of our crowd and our fans that were so passionate.... to celebrate with the fans... to high-five the fans and give the kids gloves... that's one of my favorite memories."

G/T Isaiah Williams"We had a great group of guys. All the moments were great. I loved everything about the XFL."

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