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Inside Vipers minicamp: Day 11

PLANT CITY, Fla. -- Before the Vipers checked their playbooks this morning, they probably wanted to check their calendars. It may be December but, with the temperature rising back into the mid-80s, it felt like your typical uncomfortable Monday in July.

"We're enjoying summer weather in Christmastime," QB Taylor Cornelius said with a smile and a few beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

But that didn't keep him and his fellow quarterbacks from putting in the hard work.

The team ran more intense game-like simulations today, with all four QBs -- Aaron Murray, Quinton Flowers, Vincent Testaverde Jr. and Cornelius -- taking turns behind center.

"What I've been the most impressed with is that all four of them have completely bought into studying and understanding the offense," quarterbacks coach Josh Neiswander said. "It shows out there on the field with their performance."

Naturally, you'd expect there to be competition among the quarterbacks, but that appears to be working in their favor.

"We're always helping each other out the most we can," Cornelius said. "But we're also competing with each other to make each other better."

"They're all competitors, but they go about competing the right way," Neiswander added. "They all have such great respect for one another and the time they put in studying."

"They're all competitors, but they go about competing the right way."

QB coach Josh Neiswander on the Vipers four QBs

The guys in the green uniforms (a.k.a. the offense) are also getting some stiff-but-friendly competition from the guys in the white uniforms (a.k.a. the defense).

When the two sides face off, defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville's crew doesn't hold back, giving every practice the feel of a real game. 


DE Obum Gwacham was the first overall pick in the Defensive Front Seven phase of the XFL Draft.

It wasn't just the players putting in the reps today.

Even the coaches were getting in on the action.

We are now only two days away from the end of minicamp.

Come back here tomorrow for the latest inside info.