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BattleHawks Training Camp: Day 4

HOUSTON -- Things are starting to ramp up in training camp for the St. Louis BattleHawks. The action is starting to look more crisp and the players are starting to get more comfortable. With just one month from the opening snap, anticipation is high.

The players started of Wednesday by hitting the weights and, well, they look strong.

On the field, there's not a ton of contact, but you can tell the guys are chomping at the bit to start hitting people.

The running game in particular is really starting to come along for the BattleHawks, with former NFL backs Christine Michael and Matt Jones leading the way.

"I think the execution is really coming along," said Jonathan Hayes. "The tracks that Matt and Christine ran today, I think they're starting to get what we're really looking for in the running plays. I think the offensive line is starting to understand how we have to displace people to make the runs work. I think the quarterbacks are finally understanding how they have to stay with it with the ball in the runners stomach to make it an effective play."

Speaking of the quarterbacks, Hayes says that it's still a three horse race for the starting spot. 

"The good thing is that it's so competitive. It's fun to watch. One day Jordan [Ta'amu] had a really good day, the next day Brogan [Roback] did and yesterday Taylor [Heinicke] had a great day. It's been fun. I get excited talking about them."

We have three starters to be quite honest with you. Now someone just needs to emerge and take a foothold and run with it.

Jonathan Hayes

It's been fun getting to see the big personalities on the team begin to stand out. Wide receiver Alonzo Russell in particular is a constant source of amusement.

The team takes the game seriously. However, if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

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