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BattleHawks Training Camp: Day 3

HOUSTON -- There was an unmistakeable buzz to the St. Louis BattleHawks on Tuesday as the players got into full pads for the very first time. The team's energy was up, the trash talk was flowing, and you know our guys were dancing.

The team is definitely not going full contact right now. Head coach Jonathan Hayes has a saying: we're not playing the BattleHawks, and he was happy with how his team maintained their composure.

"When you get in pads that way the first instinct is to try and blow someone up," said Hayes. "I was very happy with the way we went about our business."

Today was a big day for the XFL with the release of the rules, and the team took some time today to practice the new kickoff.

The new punting rules where the ball comes out to the 35-yard line for a touchback and out of bounds had our punter Marquette King working on techniques to keep the ball in bounds ever since minicamp.

On the field Tuesday, Coach Hayes was much happier with the team's execution than he was on Monday.

"The quarterbacks did some nice things throwing the ball and the defensive backs did a nice job breaking on some balls," said Hayes. "It's encouraging and it's fun to watch."

We're building a good house with a good foundation. That's what starts first.

Jonathan Hayes

Wide recievers Jordan Lasley and Carlton Agudosi both made impressive catches near the end of practice to end the day on a great note.

And here's a little something from Monday, check out tight end Marcus Lucas stop on a dime and send his defender scrambling.

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