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BattleHawks Training Camp: Day 13

HOUSTON -- The St. Louis BattleHawks got back to practice on Friday after a scrimmage with the Houston Roughnecks on Wednesday and a regeneration day on Thursday. It was a time for the coaching staff to pick apart what they did and didn't like from the showing against the Roughnecks.

Head Coach Jonathan Hayes continues to focus on game situations to get the team as prepared as possible and to make sure they're used to the new rules. With the clock stopping on every play in the last two minutes of each half until the ball has been spotted and 5 seconds have run off of the play clock, it opens up the whole field as opposed to having to focus on the sidelines in the past. Hayes wanted to practice that as much as possible to get them used to it.

And of course with less than a week left in training camp and final roster cuts coming, the evaluation process is at the front of everyone's mind. 

I want to see them keep improving. It's really important to make sure we're getting a good look at the guys we really want to see. We know about some of them and where they're at, but we still need to look at some of the other ones and make sure we can make the right decisions.

BattleHawks Jonathan Hayes

During Wednesday's scrimmage, wide receiver Alonzo Russell definitely made the catch of the game for the BattleHawks on this throw from quarterback Brogan Roback.

Check out this video showing how Russell times it so that he catches the ball at the height of his jump.

Quarterback Taylor Heinicke also had a dime to wideout Brandon Reilly for a crucial third down reception.

Check out more highlights and images from Wednesday and come back for more tomorrow when the team goes up against the Dallas Renegades in another joint practice.

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