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GAME 1: 3 Dragons plays you'll only see in the XFL

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Seattle Dragons were the first team with the football to start the XFL 2020 season.

It was the first of many firsts by the Dragons, in a 31-19 road loss at the DC Defenders.

Here are five new-look XFL plays the Dragons showed off Saturday:


The Defenders deferred and the Dragons received the first kickoff of the season.

The XFL kickoff will take some getting used to for most football viewers, but the results today were similar to this one.  Most returns brought the ball between the 30- and 40-yard lines, giving the offenses good field position.


On the Dragons' touchdown possession in the first quarter, Dontez Byrd made a sideline catch to set up the Seattle score.

Many of the fans at Audi Field thought the receiver would be ruled out of bounds, but Byrd wisely focused on the catch and got the required one foot down.

Brandon Silvers lofted the ball to the perfect spot, then found Austin Proehl to cap the drive with the first touchdown of the 2020 XFL season.


The Dragons also were the first team to convert on a conversion under the new XFL rules.

Instead of kicking for the point after, teams may try from the 2-yard line (one point), the 5-yard line (two points), or the 10-yard line (three points).

After scoring the go-ahead touchdown with 20 seconds left in the first half, Seattle converted their extra point, courtesy of Keenan Reynolds.

Reynolds tiptoed the back of the end zone to reel in a 2-yard pass from Silvers, putting the Dragons up 13-12 at the break.

The second half went the Defenders' way.


Head coach Jim Zorn elected to go for it on 4th and long twice in the game, a departure from his traditionally more conservative playcalling history.  XFL rules and punting disincentives may have led to his decisions.

The first time, it led to a touchdown right before the half, and the second time, led to opposite results, a pick-six on 4th down to put the Defenders up 31-19.

Don't miss the Dragons' CenturyLink Field home opener next Saturday. Follow @xfldragons for photos, highlights, stories and more leading up to 2/15 vs. the Tampa Bay Vipers.

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