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The Connect: BJ Daniels

The Connect: BJ Daniels

The XFL's Bryan Colbert chatted with BJ Daniels on Tuesday on Instagram Live about everything going on in his life during these uncertain times. Below are some nuggets from the conversation.

How are you keeping yourself busy through these times?

Daniels: "Just trying to keep the main thing the main thing. So whatever it is I need to focus on each day to make myself better, to continue myself to remain healthy. To focus on not just my football aspect, but personal aspect as well. I am reading a lot more, I like to draw so I am drawing a lot more."

What is the random hobby that you've started?

Daniels: "I have been able to draw. It's something I really love to do. I have a minor in graphic design, so art is something that is my background. So as much drawing and doodling as I can just to keep my mind off everything. Just stay inside is what I try to do."

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First thoughts when you heard everything was coming to close?

Daniels: "It was disappointing, to be honest with you. I am sports fanatic fan. I still want to see my NBA basketball. I have a godbrother that plays for the Seattle Mariners, I still want to see my baseball season coming on its way, coming up. Even for myself, to have the opportunity to start a week before this whole situation came down, it was tough. A lot of the fans and even the players. We wanted to compete and continue to show and prove why we love the game of football and how much we enjoy playing in the XFL...It definitely was a bummer, I can tell you that."

Playing in college, the NFL and now the XFL...How was the first season for you?

Daniels: "It's been amazing. It's a top-notch program, the top of the top. I have had the opportunity to be a part of six NFL programs, three super bowls, I won one with Seattle. But, to have this opportunity with the XFL with how professional things are. It's so cool to come off the field and do those live in-game interviews, right in the heat of the moment. That's what the fans love, because there have been some interesting things said on the microphone. It's top-notch and it's really fun."

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What moment sticks out to you the most?

Daniels: "I don't know a moment, but those sideline interviews, man. I keep thinking about them. The number of guys that come off the field after making a great play or even if they make a not-so-great play, just to see how some of these guys handle being in that spotlight. That moment with such high intensity is pretty cool."

What was that conversation between head coach Jim Zorn and you were like?

Daniels: "He basically walked up to me and told me 'it's your time. it's your opportunity, make the most of it.' I appreciate it and thank him for that because you know, throughout my entire career I felt like I have split seconds of opportunities to make the most of it. Throughout my entire career, but especially in professional football playing quarterback. You don't get a big window, so when that opportunity comes you have to make the most of it... It was pretty amazing."

How did it feel to be back on the field?

Daniels: "It felt good. It was a blessing. I have spent six years in the NFL and to have the opportunity to really go out there in another professional setting and play with the great guys I have around me, it made it pretty fun, it made it easy. I have been waiting for this opportunity and I praise God for this opportunity and I am going to continue to make the most of it going forward."

What can we expect in the future? 

Daniels: "Just continuing to get better. I am looking forward to another season, another year. A lot of guys were excited when the season came and we had an opportunity to play and go to different cities and go to different stadiums...For me personally, I am excited. I am looking forward to next year. It's the first opportunity I have to really take the keys to the car and drive around the block a little bit. I am excited, thankful and I'm just expected to get better."