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Tattoos show Alston’s love of movies

SEATTLE ­– It’s the kind of tattoo that’s impossible to miss.

It was a sunny January day in Houston during the Dragons’ recent trip south to get ready for the season, and players had largely shed the long sleeves they were wearing in Seattle for minicamp a month earlier.

As the team worked on special teams, cornerback Johnathan Alston stood on the sidelines with his gloved left hand clutching his facemask. Much of his arm was covered by a white sleeve, but there was just enough of a gap to expose the tattoo on his shoulder.

It looked like Al Pacino.

Inquiring minds being what they are, someone asked the 25-year-old to explain the significance of the art.

He said it was a tribute to Tony Montana, the character Pacino played in the movie Scarface. When asked why he chose Montana, Alston mentioned the action. But there’s more to it than that.

“Just how his mindset was, how he came up,” Alston said. “He just had a goal to make it. I know it’s a violent movie, but besides that, it’s his mindset. I wouldn’t say we come from similar backgrounds, but we came from the struggle, the trenches, getting out of the mud.”

While Alston appreciated the film enough to get the tattoo, he is an all-around movie aficionado.

“I can’t remember what the first movie (I watched) was, but I’ve got a lot of favorites,” he said.

As he named a few, he listed classics like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, No Country for Old Men, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Boyz n the Hood, and Menace II Society, among others.

“I could keep going,” Alston said. “It’s a lot.”

When asked about what draws him to movies, Alston said it’s difficult to describe the feelings they elicit.

“It’s the action, but I don’t know, I can’t really describe it,” he said. “The action, the thrill, the adrenaline rush.”

Alston’s Scarface tattoo isn’t the only one he has with a movie connection. He has the initials WR inked in the shape of the Warner Bros. WB logo. The initials represent his mother, Willisteen Rogers.

“I tried to get creative with the tattoo,” he said. “My first tattoo was on my chest and she was mad, because it wasn’t of her. She’s good now. I’m going to throw a portrait of her on there one day.”

Alston’s movie-inspired body art isn’t the only thing about the defensive back that brings him attention. After having a solid minicamp and training camp, he made the team’s 52-man roster to secure his spot as part of a talented position group.

“It’s a blessing, another opportunity to put a helmet on and get back out here and play football,” he said. “There ain’t nothin’ like it. Doing something you love to do – you can’t beat it.”

But Alston isn’t just happy to be on the field, he’s enjoying the opportunity to work with his teammates.

“The chemistry, the DB group, the team, everybody bonded,” he said. “It feels good out here.”

So, while he is currently focused on football, he also has another movie he’s getting ready to check off his list: Bad Boys For Life.

“I’ve got to go check that out,” he said.