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Stribling just keeps making plays

HOUSTON – Before the reporter could even finish asking the question, Channing Stribling had an answer.

“How many …” the question started.

“Nine,” Stribling responded.

Like the nine times he’s jumped routes and picked off passes in training camp, the 6-foot-2 cornerback was able to quickly identify the question.

“I keep up on them picks,” the University of Michigan product said with a laugh.

One of the constants for the Dragons in training camp so far has been Stribling making big plays in the secondary. He picked off a pass during the team’s mock game against Tampa Bay earlier this week and then came up with another interception against D.C. on Saturday.

“I’m just making plays, man,” Stribling said. “I just made an emphasis heading into camp to make more plays, give our defense some energy and, eventually, give our offense some energy.”

Stribling’s emphasis on making plays has been working, because he has been dominant.

“I’ve been liking everything,” he said. “I love the defense. It lets you play, vision to the quarterback, it’s going to tell you everything.”

For Stribling, the game plan is simple. Identify the routes an then go and get the ball.

“After that, you just make your plays,” he said.

Stribling has been using each play he makes to fuel the next.

“It’s just a trickledown,” he said. “Every time you do a good thing, you just continue to do it and vice versa. You can do a couple of bad things and it keeps going wrong, so you’ve just got to stay positive, keep making plays.

“I feed the defense and the defense feeds me. Every time we make a play, I get excited and when I make a play, they get excited. We all just feed off each other.”