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Dragons Training Camp: Day 6

Ready for the Renegades

HOUSTON -- Time to hit someone else.  

The Seattle Dragons spent Friday preparing for their first scrimmage against another team: the Dallas Renegades. On Saturday the Dragons will head west from their normal practice field at Delmar Stadium and visit the Renegades at Darrell Tully Stadium.

Friday morning practice concluded with special teams drills, and the afternoon practice was dedicated to special teams and the adjustments around the XFL rules announced this week.

Bob Stoops is a great football coach. This is the team he's put together, and we've been talking about organizing practice and what elements we want in it. It's going to be competitive, but we're going to try to keep each other healthy as well.

Dragons head coach Jim Zorn

While the Renegades may indeed approach the scrimmage with an air-it-out strategy, both teams will refrain from showing off their full gameplan and arsenal of plays. 

They'll meet just three weeks into the season, Feb. 22 at CenturyLink Field.

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