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'UNGuarded' with SAF A.J. Hendy

New York Guardians' SAF A.J. Hendy

NY Guardian SAF A.J. Hendy

  • Position: Safety
  • Number: 33 
  • Height/Weight: 6 foot 1, 215 LBS 
  • Age: 26 
  • College: University of Maryland 
  • Hometown: Bowie, Maryland
  • Social Media: Tw: @aj_hendy | IG: @jhendy19 

Who did you idolize or model your game after when you were growing up: 

I grew up a Redskins fan, so obviously Sean Taylor. Ryan Clark is another one. The way they attacked the ball and made bigtime hits - I watched them and have always tried to mimic their style. 

What is THE song you have to listen to pregame: 

“Everything 1K” - Kodak Black. He says “life ain’t tied with a bow - but it’s still a gift though.” Everything won't be perfect in your life, but it's your job to treat it as a blessing. 

How did it feel to run out onto MetLife Stadium on our season opener: 

It was amazing!  Man, it was the first game that I started in four years, so it was amazing to be out there, flying around and making plays in front of those fans who were LOUD.

What do you enjoy watching the most on TV:

I’m a big NBA guy myself. I’m a (NBA) League Pass junkie man. I’ll throw that on basically every day. The (Washington) Wizards are my team too, so I stay tuned in to them. We’re going through some tough times right now, but that won’t stop me from watching them all the time. 

What is your go-to pregame meal to fuel the system:

Steak. Give me a nicely cooked steak and I am happy. With some roasted veggies, throw some mashed potatoes on there and some spinach, too. It’s all about the balance man *laughs*. 

What does being #OnDuty mean to you: 

Doing whatever you need to do to help this team win - making sure everyone is going in the same direction. It’s the little things you do everyday. Eating right, focusing in meetings, taking care of your body all those things will help us in the end which is trying to win games.

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