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'UNGuarded' with DE Ryan Mueller

New York Guardians' DE Ryan Mueller

NY Guardian DE Ryan Mueller 

  • Position: DE 
  • Number: 44 
  • Height/Weight: 6- foot-2, 250 pounds 
  • Age: 28 
  • School: Kansas St. University 
  • Hometown: Leawood, Kansas 
  • Social Media: @r_mueller44 

Who was your biggest influence with football growing up?

Both my parents have always been extremely supportive but never tried to push me towards any sport in a forceful way. The two people who had the biggest impact on my playing career and helped adopt my work ethic were Joe Bob Clements (Defensive Line Coach at Oklahoma State) and Blake Seiler (Defensive Coordinator at Old Dominion).

What is your favorite music? And specifically favorite pre-game jam?

Im a ‘Basic Betty’ if you will and whatever is playing on the radio is what I tend to lean toward. My favorite artist before games is Jeezy - and his song “Get Right” gets me pumped up and ready to play. 

What do you bring to the NY Guardians?

I care. I care about how the team does, how we practice and controlling what we need to control. I care about helping push my whole team to the limit. 

If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing? 

In the offseason, I run my landscape business. I started that when I was really young, it always has been a business that I am able to turn up and turn down as far as volume of clients and handling jobs depending on my schedule with football - with workouts, practices, and training.

What does it mean to be #OnDuty?

You’re getting in your playbook, holding yourself accountable on and off the field. Making sure you be the best player and teammate you possibly can be, and giving it 110% effort every single day. Football is truly a game of inches and one step the wrong way can lead to points on the scoreboard for the other team. Holding yourself and your teammates accountable 24/7 365 (days a year). 

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