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"ReGuards": Week 4 Notebook

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - FEBRUARY 29: Luis Perez #7 of the New York Guardians drops back to pass during the XFL game against the LA Wildcats at MetLife Stadium.

Back In The Win Column 

The Guardians won their second game of the season beating the Los Angeles Wildcats at home 17-14. After struggling for two games on the road, Head coach Kevin Gilbride acknowledged in his postgame locker room speech it wasn’t pretty but praised his players for getting the job done. 

“We’ve gone through some tough times. You know how disappointed we’ve been and how much it hurts when you don’t win. Even though today, wasn’t flawless I think everybody knows how much better we can play and how many opportunities we had that we didn’t quite take advantage of. There’s no place for us to go but up.”

Guardians' Head Coach Kevin Gilbride

Guardians Turn to Perez 

With Quarterback Matt McGloin unavailable for the game due to injury, Coach Gilbride gave the ball to Luis Perez who had been third on the depth chart. Perez responded with a touchdown pass to Mekale McKay in the second quarter. Overall, he was 18/26 for 150 while throwing one touchdown and protecting the ball.

The Guardians as a whole, did not turn the ball over. Perez seemed poised in the pocket and moved nicely to extend some plays when pressured. After the game Perez, praised his teammates for a complete effort while Gilbride said he was a big reason for the team’s success. 

"Offensive line did a great job. The running backs were holding the ball high and tight. There were no turnovers which is super important, and they did a great job out there. This was a huge team win. Even at the end, Justin made a big punt. He put it inside the 10 making them drive the length of the field. Our offense and defense were great. This was a whole team win.”

Guardians' QB Luis Perez

"I thought Luis showed the type of poise and composure and understanding of what we’re trying to do that you like to see from that position (quarterback). I was very pleased with his effort. He’d be the first one to tell you that there were some chances that he didn’t quite see or didn’t quite get the ball where he needed to get it too. I think he was a significant catalyst to us playing as well as we did."

Guardians' Head Coach Kevin Gilbride

Running Backs Are Rolling 

For the fourth straight game, the Guardians increased their total yards on the ground. The run game totaled 122 yards on the ground led by Darius Victor (82 yards) and Tim Cook (32 yards).

Coach Gilbride called it complementary football with the defense doing their job and the offense giving them a rest by holding onto the ball and chewing the clock. Victor gave all the credit to the other 10 guys on the field with him. 

"It’s a testament to the offensive line and the receivers blocking. The coach was calling some great plays. I did the easy part running with my eyes so shout out to my teammates and coaches for that.”

Guardians' Running Back Darius Victor