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Guardians Training Camp: Day 6

Guardians head coach Kevin Gilbride and XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck

HOUSTON -- Over each day as the grind of training camp continues for the New York Guardians, a different position group stands out.

On Friday at Houston Baptist University, it was the quarterbacks' turn. They threw multiple touchdown passes during the 7-on-7 drills.

“They are making a bunch of progress," said Guardians quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus. "We have thrown a lot at them, and this whole first week with the offensive install has been a lot for them, but they are all making progress."

New York Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin

QB Matt McGloin during Friday practice

New York has four quarterbacks on the roster: Matt McGloin, Marquise Williams, Garrett Fugate and newly acquired Charles “Chad” Kanoff, a former Princeton quarterback who spent time with the Arizona Cardinals.

“Chad just got here, so he didn’t have December, so we are trying to play catch-up with him while the other three guys were all here,” said Mangus. “Obviously, [McGloin] has good command of the offense and more comfortable in a leadership role of the offense. We are just taking it day-by-day until we play Feb. 9."

Looking ahead

While also thinking about opening weekend, Guardians head coach Kevin Gilbride praised Day 6's overall communication, the defense's adjustments during their protection of the red zone, and the opportunities the offense created.

He did say that conversion of those offensive chances was something the team will need to clean up before Week 1.

"We're doing some good things. As a coach, you're never satisfied that it's happening fast enough. That's the problem. I just keep seeing this game looming in the fairly near future, and I know we gotta get a lot better than where we're at."

Guardians head coach Kevin Gilbride on Week 1 prep

Commissioner Oliver Luck was on hand at Husky Stadium, which might've played into that sense of urgency.

'Versatility' on the back end

Elsewhere, Guardians defensive backs coach Cris Dishman talked up the versatility and intelligence of his secondary.

“We have corners that can play safety and safeties that can play corner,” said Dishman. “They listen and they want to learn and be the best they can.”

They make up a close-knit group as the most vocal unit on the field. It showed on the practice field when defensive back Terrence Alexander striped the ball from the receiver during the 7-on-7s and all of his position mates erupted.

Lighter Side

The defensive backs have another chatterbox in cornerback Jamar Summers, and the club's content team took full advantage:

Catching on

Wide receiver Colby Pearson has turned heads with some standout catches throughout camp, including one today down the left sideline that earned shouts of approval.

The Brigham Young alum said he's feeling more comfortable with the nuances of Gilbridge's established, pros-tested system.

"It's always tough learning a whole new offense and learning the new schemes and how they want things done, but I think [the wide receiver] group has molded and meshed pretty well together as a unit personally and coming together to learn this.

"There's definitely some new stuff in here, but I really like it. I'm getting the hang of it."

He's also catching on with team promotions:


As this report barrels to the end, step aside for defensive tackle TJ Barnes.

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