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Pick 6: LB Tre' Williams

Welcome to Pick 6, a half-dozen questions with a members of the Los Angeles Wildcats.

Tre' Williams Bio

  • Position: Linebacker
  • Height/Weight: 6-foot-2, 235 pounds
  • Age: 23
  • School: Auburn
  • Hometown: Mobile, Ala.
  • Social Media: Twitter | Instagram

This former SEC linebacker is ready to play!

1. 2020 will bring ...

I've been through some crazy things these past few years. Hopefully 2020 brings peace and great times. Biggest thing is peace ... a lot of peace.

2. What does 'The Wildcat Way' mean to you?

The intesity you bring. That grit you have deep on the inside that comes out of you when it's time to work. No holding back, leave it all out there on the field. Just dominate whoever's in front of you. And have fun with it. It should be fun putting in work. It should be fun running around with your brothers.

3. Who's your favorite football player?

Brian Dawkins. He brings it every single day. At practice. At games. The way he hits. The way he comes out on the field. If a safety 20-yards deep can command a whole 10 guys on a field, I know me five-yards deep can do the same. Watching him play really excites me. I still watch his highlights to this day just to see him fly around.

4. What did you do during break?

I spent time with my fiancée . We went out and got a dog and a cat just so she wouldn't be lonely while I'm here at Houston for Training Camp. I got some work in between family time.

5. Word Association: Texas

Sandy Cheeks

6. What are you most excited about for living in Los Angeles?

I have never been in Los Angeles. I have never been out West, period. I am excited to see how different it is.