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Pick 6: WR Nelson Spruce

Welcome to Pick 6, a half-dozen questions with a member of the Los Angeles Wildcats.

Nelson Spruce

  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Height/Weight: 6-foot-1, 206 pounds
  • Age: 27
  • School: Colorado
  • Hometown: Westlake Village
  • Social Media: Instagram

Nelson Spruce focuses despite the pressure...

1. 2020 will bring me ...

I feel a big year coming ... championship.

2. What does "The Wildcat Way" mean to you?

It's an attitude we bring every day. Our work ethic, our intensity we play the game with. The players are leading the way with that (intensity) too, especially our defense. They play a physical brand of football.

3. Who's your favorite football player(s) ever?

Troy Polamalu. Even though I don't play defense, just the way he played the game, I would always watch him flying around and making plays. And Jerry Rice, just a guy I have a lot of respect for. As a receiver, production wise, he's at the top of every list and the way he attacked the game and came to work every day.

4. What is your favorite food ever?

Sushi. Especially being in Cali, you can find a lot of good sushi spots. The ones that are the best, the most authentic are the the hole-in-the-wall spots, as long as it's fresh fish, you can't really beat that.

5. Word Association: California


6. What are you most excited about for living in Los Angeles?

I like being part of the inaugural year for this. Being part of something new. And the way things have been shaping up so far, from the leadership of the league to the coaches to the players, I think it's headed in the right direction and I've excited to be part of it.

... and comes up with the grab at practice.