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Pick 6: TE Brandon Barnes

Welcome to Pick 6, a half-dozen questions with a member of the Los Angeles Wildcats.

Brandon Barnes Bio

  • Position: Tight End
  • Height/Weight: 6-foot-4, 255 pounds
  • Age: 25
  • School: Alabama State
  • Hometown: Phenix City, Ala.
  • Social Media: Instagram | Twitter

1. 2020 will bring me ...

Consistency, cause I've been bouncing around in my (football) career and I feel like it's about time for me to finally stick somewhere, finally get what I deserve because I've been working hard.

2. What does "The Wildcat Way" mean to you?

Pretty gritty, we grind. Come out the darkness, you gotta embrace the darkness. It's all about work, we work pretty hard. I feel like this team kinda fits the way I grew up. Nitty and gritty, I love it.

3. Who's your favorite football player?

It's a tie. I grew up a (Michael) Vick fan. I used to play quarterback, I was No. 7. Then, I as I got to high school, as I got older, I grew into a Julio Jones fan. I'm a kid from Alabama, he's a kid from Alabama. He's one of the best in my eyes.

4. What is your favorite food ever?

My mom's peach cobbler. 

5. Word Association: California


6. What are you most excited about for living in Los Angeles?

Embracing the culture. It's my first time out here. Winning some games, networking, it's a big market out here.