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The Connect: Nick Holley

The Connect: Nick Holley

The XFL sits down with Houston Roughnecks WR Nick Holley on Instagram Live on Monday to talk about everything he has been up to since the season ended.

The wide receiver also chats about his first impressions of the XFL, the Roughnecks' 5-0 run, and more.

Does your family get competitive?

Holley: "It could be if you fall asleep faster, it could be an eating competition, it could be a board game, it doesn't matter. We're extremely competitive in everything we do."

Are you finding a gym to work out in?

Holley: "I want to say my dad started us on our first workout program when we were 10 years old down in that weight room. So, we have our first-ever weightlifting program stapled up on the wall. ... We're still getting after it. We're each other's biggest competitors for sure."

Sounds Like Mr. Holley raised some animals.

Holley: He is an animal himself. He is 58 years old and we will be upstairs and just hear him grunting and repping it out and you come downstairs and he's got 315 on the bar, just reppin' it out on the bench. He is still an animal at 58. ... I woke up this morning and he was already juiced up and ready to go. He is a firecracker."

What a TD from Holley

We know it came to an abrupt end, but give us your thoughts on the inaugural XFL season.

Holley: "All and all, it was a success. I think we kind of set out to prove that we were going to be an established football league and I think we proved that. I think people are interested, people tuned in week-in and week-out. All in all, it was fun.

Obviously, winning is fun and us being undefeated was a good time. Just being around guys that were hungry, being around guys that loved the game and getting their opportunity was such a blessing and so much fun that you can't really ask for much more. I think 2021 is going to be an exciting kickoff."

How did it feel to go undefeated in your first XFL season?

Holley: "Well, it was frustrating and encouraging all at the same time. Frustrating in the fact that I feel as though we didn't even scratch the surface of our potential as a team. I think we were very talented and had a lot of upside to us, but actually didn't get to that level that we were capable of. So, that part for me, as a competitor, was frustrating.

Me, as a positive person, it was encouraging that we are undefeated. We still are undefeated and we haven't even scratched the surface, we haven't played up to our potential so to me. We could go anywhere and that was encouraging and fun"