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Renegades Training Camp: Day 10

HOUSTON -- Renegades quarterback Philip Nelson was thrust into a larger role last week when Landry Jones went down with a leg injury, and ever since, it's been a mile a minute for the former East Carolina signal caller.

Many practices later, the increased repetitions are getting results as he's connecting more and more with receivers during live action in practice. 

"I feel really good. We’re ironing things out as an offense, trying to get the details down with everything," Nelson said. "We’ve been getting better every single day, and that’s the biggest thing for us."

Following Saturday's joint practice with the Seattle Dragons, offensive coordinator Hal Mumme mentioned that he thought Nelson had been pressing in his first few practices, but was starting to look sharper. The extra snaps have made a difference, according to Nelson.

"As the days go on, you learn the offense a little better each day," Nelson said. "And what the coaches expect out of us from our reads."

Working with one of football's greatest offensive minds helps, too.

"I like the way Coach Mumme thinks about certain things, and how he really just lets the quarterback just go out there and sling it," Nelson said. "He’s really particular about his reads, which is a good thing, and he knows the offense very well, and has had a lot of success with it. So it’s just a matter of us trusting what he tells us and going out and executing."


On Monday, Dallas traded defensive tackle Nick James to Houston for tight end Julian Allen. On Tuesday, Allen took part in his first practice with the squad. Allen, a Southern Miss product, averaged 13.5 yards per catch during his junior and senior seasons with the Golden Eagles. At 6-foot-3, 234 pounds, he's an imposing but athletic target for the Renegades.

"Everything’s been good. I’ve gotten a good response from everyone," Allen said following Tuesday's practice. "It seems like a family, you know? A lot of the guys are coming together, and I’ve met some good dudes so far. I'm really excited to be here."

He's also excited about the style of football he's about to play.

"Tight ends are like receivers in this offense, which I love. That’s the kind of tight end I’ve always been. Obviously, when it’s time to block, you put your head down and block, whatever you’re asked to do," Allen said. "I’m just really excited to be here and get involved in this offense."