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Inside Renegades minicamp: Day 12

Dallas Renegades quarterbacks Landry Jones (12) and Philip Nelson (9) go through passing drills.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Dallas head coach Bob Stoops was in high spirits at the conclusion of the Renegades' minicamp on Wednesday at Arlington High School, and is already looking forward to training camp in Houston. After two straight weeks of work with his new players, one of the biggest reasons he feels good is the group's readiness after just a short time of processing the team's playbook and coaches' instructions. 

"I'm really impressed with them. A lot of really talented guys who are really playing well," Stoops said. "They've really grasped and picked up everything we're trying to give them — offense, defense, special teams — in a great way. I really believe we could go out and play a game tomorrow."

That confidence should only help the team improve when training camp commences in Houston on Jan. 5. The goal for players in the meantime is to stay in playing shape. Renegades quarterback Landry Jones said he will continue to throw through Christmas and New Year's, and the rest of the players will be working to make sure that holiday feasting doesn't cancel out the work they've put in during the last two weeks. 


Quotes and notes

  • One relationship that's tougher to develop in a non-contact minicamp is the one between the quarterback and the offensive line. Sure, everyone gets to know the playbook and learns to be in the right positions and protections for every call. But it's a little different when the bodies start flying, according to Jones. "It’s hard to gauge at this point. I feel like football in shorts isn’t real," he said. "[The offensive line has] been great so far, but just like everyone, we’ll see how it goes in January. We haven’t been in pads, no one’s been able to hit me, and everything changes when that starts."
  • A highlight for the big men up front has been working with offensive line coach Jeff Jagodzinski, who has a tremendous reputation throughout the sport for his development of players. "It’s been awesome, every day I’m picking up something new from him," Dallas offensive tackle Willie Beavers said. "I try to stay after practice a little bit sometimes, just to pick his brain a little bit more." 
  • Stoops confirmed after practice that the Renegades expect to make some roster moves in the next 48 hours. Those moves should be official by the weekend. 
  • On Tuesday night, legendary college football coach Hayden Fry died at the age of 90. Fry was Stoops' head coach at Iowa, and Stoops later joined a staff in Iowa City that included Bill Snyder, Kirk Ferentz and Barry Alvarez. Fry was a mentor and more to Stoops, who tweeted out his thoughts in the hours after the news was official.