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Vipers Training Camp: Day 9

Offensive tackle Isaiah Williams hits the field Monday morning

HOUSTON -- Offensive line coach Jonathan Himebauch didn't sugarcoat the situation Monday morning.

"Today's going to be the hardest day of training camp," he told his players.

It wasn't only because a heavy rainstorm was beating down on the practice field at Humble High School.

The team was returning to the field for the first time since Saturday's joint practice with the Houston Roughnecks. Himebach, along with all the coaches, was ready and eager to make adjustments based on what he saw.

"We’re asking a lot of them and we’re demanding a lot," Himebauch said. "They're pushed mentally right now. We've installed a lot of plays."

"Today's going to be the hardest day of training camp."

Offensive line coach Jonathan Himebauch before Monday's practice

All that hard work appears to be paying off.

Ask anyone at camp to name a highlight from Saturday's joint practice with the Houston Roughnecks and you'll usually get one answer: the impressive performance of the Vipers O-line.

"I thought they were dominating (the Roughnecks D-line) just about the whole practice," defensive end Obum Gwacham said. "That caught us off-guard, the way they were just able to manhandle those guys.”

“There was a lot of energy," offensive center Jordan McCray said. "We’ve been going against our defense for a week and it was a lot of fun to be going against someone else." 

The other big news out of training camp on Monday -- the trade.

The Vipers traded wide receiver Freddie Martino to the Dallas Renegades in exchange for wide receiver Stacy Coley.

Before being picked by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2017 NFL Draft, Coley was a standout receiver at the University of Miami, finishing his career with the second-most receptions in school history.

"I'm thankful for this opportunity," Coley said. "I'm ready to get to work and show the guys what I'm capable of."

Coley will get that opportunity Tuesday when the Vipers hit the field again... hopefully with better weather.

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