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BattleHawks Training Camp: Day 10

HOUSTON -- As training camp rolls along for the St. Louis BattleHawks, the team has moved beyond just learning the playbook and is starting to really drill down into the nitty gritty of the systems they are putting in.

The coaches simulated specific game situations for the players and worked on execution when the game is on the line and the clock is running out. Head coach Jonathan Hayes said that with the 24-second play clock, communication is going to be key.

"We're doing end of game situations so that they know when I'm about to call timeout. Those are important parts they have to understand. We just continue to work and massage and grow with that."

With a second joint practice coming up Wednesday against the Houston Roughnecks, Hayes said it's huge to have his players go against another defense that doesn't know their formations and can just sit on plays. And the same goes for the defense having to play it straight up.

"The key is, can we keep building on top of the things we did in the last joint practice? Let's build on that and let's see how well we grew from the first one to the second one and how much we can mature and really execute."

The quarterbacks got their competitive juices flowing Tuesday testing their accuracy against each other.

The BattleHawks' first overall pick in the skills phase, running back Christine Michael, continues to show why the coaching staff so desperately wanted him on the team. He brings a veteran leadership to the locker room and looks to bring a number of touchdowns to St. Louis.

Of course, it wouldn't be possible without the big guys up front making space for him. 

And it wouldn't be a BattleHawks update without a reminder that the team's defense has looked like a real strong suit for the team this training camp. Check out safety Will Hill making a play on an overthrown ball during an end-of-game simulation.

Lastly, check in with defensive tackle Will Clarke as he talks about the defense coming together and looking forward to the next joint practice.

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