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Wildcats Training Camp: Day 6

HOUSTON -- The Los Angeles Wildcats returned to the practice field on Friday following a much-needed day of regeneration.

The squad used its near three-hour practice to put in work during 1-on-1, 7-on-7 and special teams work.

The Friday focus was intense, and the work day was successful.

"[The coaching staff is] putting us in great position to succeed. I love my teammates I'm playing with," said defensive end Willie Mays. "My d-ends, they keep my clean. My linebackers give me great communication. The safeties give me tips and tricks to help them so I can help myself."

The Wildcats used the day in preparation of their first-ever joint practice with the D. C. Defenders at Rice Stadium on Saturday.

Mays is eager to let the XFL know who he is and what he is all about.

"I want to let them know I'm here," Mays said.

Guard Fred Lauina and the offensive line are looking forward to running the ball.

"We've got some good running backs, fast guys who can catch too," Lauina said. "We're just going to make some lanes for them (on Saturday)."

Receiver Jalen Greene feels the offense is coming into its own with each practice and that his bond with his fellow Wildcats continues to grow as Training Camp progresses.

"It's love. I love this team," he said. "A lot of great guys on this team, a lot of great human beings first. At the end of the day, everyone comes out here to work and that's what you appreciate the most as a fellow athlete. The guy next to you, lined up in front of you, putting in the same work as you. I know we are all ready to get after it tomorrow."

Lauina echoed Greene's comments about the growing bond on this squad.

"The linemen, it's five guys working together. If we're not on the same page, we're not going to execute," Lauina added. "Having that brotherhood and that bond, we really need it. We're five working as one."

Practice Highlights


Wideout KD Cannon was feeling it in slow motion.


If you can't compete, you can't play.


Don't miss a minute of Wildcats football.


The Wildcats waved QB Taryn Christion & DE Dame Ndiaye.

"It's time to show everyone who the Wildcats are. And what we do!"

Wildcats head coach Winston Moss

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